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A last minute change of meeting venue saw me speeding off to one of Jo'burg's most fabulous hairdressing destinations - the Veaudry International salon in Fourways, corner of Witkoppen Road and The Straight. Owned by Michelle Stanton, who is also the supplier of the professional Veaudry styling irons, this luxurious, split-level salon was absolutely pumping, with the most beautiful hairstyles being created in an opulent environment.

On the salon's upper level, there is a photo studio which I always think is the most fantastic addition to any hair salon. The studio is run by Michelle's husband David Stanton, a well known professional photographer. However, today, the studio wasn't just being used for photos - it had been transformed into a pop-up film studio, where the first of the Maybelline It Girl videos were being filmed. The studio was buzzing with excitement and activity, with representatives in attendance from Maybelline as well as from the L'Oreal Institute hairdressing academy. The dazzlingly beautiful Instagram celebrity K Naomi, who has more than 150,000 followers, was the first It Girl. She was being prepped for her interview, which will be featured on social media as part of Maybelline's marketing campaign.

After this meeting, it was back to the office to launch Hairnews.co.za on social media and begin publicising the sign-ups to the industry. There are some amazing prizes up for grabs, that will be awarded to lucky sign-ups as well as ambassadors who spread the word about Hairnews.co.za. Here's a sneak preview of the first prize... more information to follow... can you believe the awesomeness of this Babylisspro Blanco hairdryer? Well, someone is going to win this in the next few days!

I am so grateful to all the hairstylists who are taking time out of a hectic weekend to sign up and spread the word... special thanks to Brekkels Botha from salon 50 Buckingham in Craighall, the team at Gorgeous Hair Salon in Eco Boulevard, Centurion, Shafia Cassiem Haffejee from David Shannon Hairdressing, Sunninghill, Nicola Aires from Franco International, Kim Franklin from Carlton Hair, Angelique de Wet from Tosca, Cape Town, Shawn Odendaal and Eugene Venter from Paul James Hairdressing, Alberton, and Willie Pietersen from Hair Xotica, Pretoria. You have all been superstar ambassadors and post-sharers.

There may be others that I've missed (due to Facebook privacy settings) so if you have shared Hairnews.co.za with your friends and fellow hairdressers, message me or email info@hairnews.co.za and I'll be sure to thank you personally in the next blog.

Remember, once everyone in your salon has signed up (by filling in the sign-up form on the website), you will be listed as a Signed Up Salon, so drop an email to info@hairnews.co.za to let me know when you've done this - you can also supply all your salon's details.

Till tomorrow!

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