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Styles: Woven by Team @ Fatty Arbuckles, Australia

‘Woven’ is a contemporary photographic collection inspired by the diverse mix of ethnic cultures prevalent in our modern society.

The six-image collection focuses on the use of varying texture and tone to beautifully depict a raw natural beauty that is both elegantly modern and effortlessly timeless.

Explains Creative Director Annette Scaffidi “With this new collection I wanted to creatively illustrate the wide mix of ethnic cultures in our everyday society, and the different ways in which they see and express beauty. Diversity and self-expression really do go hand in hand, and I wanted to show that beauty comes in such varied and equally beautiful looks and styles. Beauty after all is in the eye of the beholder.”

The collection took two months to conceptualise, growing organically from initial idea to completed concept. Using a natural earthy colour palette to create the ghostly finished feel, Annette focused on creating intricate hair designs that were complimented by detailed fashion and makeup styling. Each image was created with a very distinct individual esthetic, whilst each tying together with the use of beautifully soft texture and tone.

Continues Annette “The overall feel I was wanting to achieve for the collection was a raw textured beauty. Nature, earth, shape, texture and natural tones directed the colour palette throughout the image set, from the hair through to the fashion styling.

Collection Name: Woven

Main Stylist: Annette Scaffidi

Colourist: Justin Zeiser

Makeup Artist: Lindsey Youngman

Fashion Stylist: Luke Meakins

Photographer: Travis Lepri

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