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Unwrap the Magic of Christmas with milk_shake®: Our Christmas Collections Are Ready Now

Introducing Our Enchanting CHRISTMAS 2023 COLLECTION for Your Salon

We are thrilled to introduce the milk_shake® Christmas 2023 Collection.

This festive season, we bring you our range of luxurious hair care products not only designed to make your clients' hair look and feel its best, but also make for perfect holiday gifts.

Duo Packs, Trio Packs & Travel Pouches

Milk_shake® - natural beauty

Our Christmas 2023 Collection is an excellent addition to your salon's retail offering.

  • enhance the holiday spirit

  • and boost your salon's revenue and reputation.

These Collections will be a big hit among your clients and contribute to a successful and profitable holiday season for your salon!

Our Duo Packs, Trio Packs & Travel Pouches include Shampoo / Conditioner / Leave-In Treatments from our ranges designed especially for each of your clients’ needs:

  • Colour Care SLS Free

  • Moisture Plus

  • Integrity

  • Silver Shine

  • Volume Solution

  • Curl Passion

  • Icy Blonde

  • Cold Brunette

  • Make My Day

  • Flower Power

Essential Salon Retail Marketing for the Upcoming Season!

Seasonal Appeal:

The milk_shake® Christmas 2023 Collection is specially curated to capture the spirit of the holiday season.

  • Festive packaging and enchanting scents to attract customers looking for thoughtful and delightful holiday gifts.

  • Cater to the increased demand for gift-worthy products during the holiday season.

Customer Satisfaction:

The milk_shake® brand is synonymous with quality and effectiveness.

  • The milk_shake Christmas 2023 Collection includes hair care products from shampoos and conditioners to leave-in treatments, all formulated with natural ingredients to ensure the best care for your clients' hair.

  • Enhance your salon's reputation for providing top-notch, salon-quality solutions to your clients' hair care needs.

Additional Revenue Stream:

  • Retail products offer a lucrative revenue stream for your salon with retailing high-quality hair care products allowing you to increase your profitability beyond your standard salon services.

  • Your clients often prefer the convenience of purchasing professional products directly from their trusted salon, rather than searching for them online through so many unknown ranges.

Client Loyalty:

By offering the milk_shake® Christmas 2023 Collection, you can strengthen and build client loyalty.

Convenience is key: When customers can so conveniently and easily purchase their favourite hair care products at your salon, it encourages repeat visits, fostering long-term relationships with your clients.

Expert Recommendations:

Your team of skilled stylists and hair care professionals can provide uniquely personalised product recommendations from the milk_shake® Christmas 2023 Collection based on individual hair needs and concerns. This level of expertise and care will further enhance your salon's reputation and build trust with your clients.

Exclusive Promotions:

We provide you with marketing materials and promotional support to help you make the most of the milk_shake® Christmas 2023 Collection.

  • Extend exclusive holiday offers to your clients, enticing them to purchase these delightful products from your salon and encourages gifting to their friends and family, building interest even further in the milk_shake® ranges!

Showcase Your Commitment:

Retailing our milk_shake® Christmas 2023 Collection demonstrates your commitment to offering the best in hair care.

  • Showcase your salon as a one-stop destination for all things hair, from expert services to premium retail products.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your milk_shake Sales Consultant to discuss pricing, promotional support, and any other details. We look forward to partnering with you to make this festive season truly special for your clients and your salon.

Whilst we always try to process and dispatch your orders in time, please note that the warehouse and administrative departments can get extremely busy during the festive season. Please feel free to contact the office with your questions/queries:

Merry Christmas and Happy Shaking!

From The milk_shake® South Africa Team


Natural Beauty

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