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Transform an unruly crop with Sweet Professional

What is it about straight hair that is so appealing? And how straight is straight enough?

The SWEET PROFESSIONAL hair smoothing system reduces volume and frizz and allows you to straighten or smooth your client’s hair as much or as little as needed to create their dream texture. Determining your client’s hair type is the first step towards successfully transforming an unruly crop into healthy-looking, smooth, and manageable straight hair.

Hair Types

The four basic characteristics describing hair type are straight, wavy, curly or coily. These characteristics are further defined by the hair’s structure which is determined by its thickness – fine, medium or coarse. A client with curly hair may have fine hair making their hair type 3a. A client with thick, wavy hair would typically be type 2c. Having determined your client’s hair type, you will be able to tailor Sweet Professional products and processes to accurately match their needs for a desired outcome.

Zero Chemicals

Sweet Professional The First Shampoo Generation 3.0 is the world’s first professional straightening shampoo. It works with heat to generate new, stronger bonds resulting in a straightened effect that lasts up to three months. For coarse hair, which needs a little more to achieve heightened results, there is 3-Step Lovely Smoothing System Generation 2.0. Both products contain hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring fluid in our bodies that has the ability to retain and regulate moisture. Sweet Professional contains zero chemicals which means you can colour or highlight your client’s hair on the same day as straightening, depending on the condition of the hair.

Sweet Professional offers a daily-use maintenance range to help prolong the straightened effect. The range includes care and styling products.

12 Reasons to Stock Sweet Professional in Your Salon

1. Acidic based pH

2. No chemicals

3. Free of parabens

4. Free of formaldehyde

5. Lasts up to 3 months

6. No keratin build-up (crispy ends)

7. No need for sulphate-free shampoo

8. Reduces frizz and thickness without losing body (no flat hair)

9. 100% versatility allows process customisation for each client

10. Colour or highlight on the same day (depending on the condition of the hair)

11. No waiting time needed to shampoo

12. Various processes possible to suit different hair types.

From the Chair

Charlene Miller of Charlie’s Angels in Cape Town was an early adopter of Sweet Professional when it was launched in South Africa in 2016. She has used it exclusively in her salon since then. “I was immediately drawn to Sweet Professional’s no-chemical characteristics. It launched at a time when I had begun to feel the side effects of working with traditional chemical straighteners and I was ready for change,” Charlene says.

“Sweet Professional’s performance not only exceeds any other traditional thermal straighteners I have used, but it is also the safe and healthier option for my clients and for me.”

Charlene especially loves how versatile the product is, “I can create a tailored service for each individual client, be it a thermal straightener, curl reducer, anti-frizz hydration, or a repair treatment. A super-shine result is guaranteed with every service. Sweet Professional is my top choice and I love it!”­

Jordana Niemach of The Moulin Rouge Hair Studio in Benoni, Gauteng sees a great deal of damaged hair due to chemical or mechanical procedures. “New clients often arrive with damaged, difficult, or neglected hair, but Sweet Professional is geared up to deal with any of those conditions,” she says.

“From fine, platinum blonde to coarse and curly hair, we can customise Sweet Professional treatments to suit our clients’ needs. Sweet not only leaves their hair feeling smooth and silky, it also leaves their hair in the best possible condition.”

The Moulin Rouge Hair Studio carries the entire Sweet Professional range in both the backstation and the retail section. “I appreciate that we have set a standard by being super-conscious about using only formaldehyde and paraben-free treatments on our clients and that they have a choice of Sweet Professional home-care maintenance products to choose from.” Jordana likes that her clients have choices, “Clients do not need to use a sulphate-free shampoo to maintain their straightened hair and that allows them to continue using their preferred salon products.”

Get Sweet Professional for your salon

To stock Sweet Professional in your salon please call MHB Telesales on 0860 104 109 or contact your Modern Hair & Beauty sales representative.

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