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The Male Tools & Co. -DEPOT® Original Formulas 500 Series – Beard & Moustache Specifics

Treat your Gent Clientele to the Best in Male Grooming Retail Options!

Our ranges are created from traditional formulas, transforming the products into “must-haves”, making them become real classics for contemporary men.

Real tools for the beauty of men, with a simple, evolved and contemporary approach to the care and male beauty.

The Beauty of the Beard

Throughout history, the BEARD has been a symbol of distinction, communication, elegance, intellectual-aristocratic features and, sometimes, has been considered a little “snobbish”.

For centuries, now the beard is no longer a symbol of the “wild man”.

Over the centuries it has appeared and reappeared as a distinctive and complementary representation of a strong personality.

Today you can wear it short or long, but never random, unkempt and careless.

A “shabby” style must always be “shabby chic.”

But regardless of styling, beards must be taken care of regularly, to maintain a fresh look. The barber is, once again, one of men’s best friends.

Your Salon’s “Must-Have” Specifics for Gent Facial Hair Grooming

DEPOT® serves the men who want traditional service with a modern perspective. From traditional rituals of shaving and cuts to rituals dedicated to skin and face care, the image and beauty of each client is defined and cultivated with these quintessential elements of male grooming.

Salons and barbershops play such a supportive role in supporting their male clients, helping them create the image that men show to the world and building trust and self-esteem, with the best in our product range.


Specific purifying and moisturizing shampoo for beards.

Formulated with delicate surfactants without SLES.

It purifies and hydrates facial hair while helping to maintain and lengthen beards. Recommended for daily use.

Active ingredients:

  • Delicate surfactants, a balanced blend of innovative cleansing agents for a balanced cleansing ritual

  • Mint essential oil, toning, refreshing, gives scent

  • Aloe vera extract, restorative, soothing and regenerating for the skin

  • Pro-Vitamin B5, regenerating, soothing and conditioning for skin and hair

Use: apply to damp beard, lather and rinse well. To give softness and control, follow with a specific conditioning product.


Uniquely masculine and deliciously bespoke fragrance:

  • Ginger & Cardamom

  • Mysterious Vanilla

  • Leather & Wood

Conditioning beard oil - Nourishes, conditions and gives control and shine to the beard with a pleasant and unique fragrance. Easily absorbed, it protects the integrity of the beard.

Recommended to detangle and soften the beard.

Always apply before brushing, particularly in medium to long beards, to avoid hair breakage.

Active Ingredients:

  • Apricot kernel oil, emollient, nourishing and conditioning

  • Jojoba oil, emollient, nourishing and conditioning

  • Castor flower oil, nourishing, strengthening and polishing

  • Sunflower oil, softening, nourishing and protective. Rich in minerals, vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and oleic acid; protective and antioxidant due to its content of vitamin E

  • Vitamin E, an antioxidant and anti-radical.

Use: apply a few drops to hands, massage into beard and moustache in all directions. Brush well to improve the distribution of the product. Repeat the application as needed or desired.

Your clients deserve a line of products that revisits the original formulas of classic men’s grooming treatments, with modern, sophisticated, and technologically advanced reinterpretations.

Be Ready for Winter Male Grooming Needs - Speak to your DEPOT® Rep about Stocking the DEPOT® Original Formulas 500 Series – Beard & Moustache Specifics


DEPOT® celebrates the tradition of male grooming with a universal and evolved sensitivity.

A complete range dedicated to male grooming created from traditional formulas, transforming the products into “must-haves”, thus making them become real classics for contemporary men.

Specific products for hair, shaving and beard and moustache care are completed with solutions for the body, as well as accessories.

Formulas created with innovative technologies and high-quality ingredients.

The range is completed with a line dedicated to fragrances that creates a journey through essences to interpret the most demanding man and his spaces, with perfumes and ambient fragrances.

Take Note Trading are distributors of DEPOT and Milk_shake in SA

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