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The Cruise Ship Experience with London Wellness Academy: Build Your Styling Career Future

Advantages of a Cruise Ship Contract - earning tax-free dollars while you do something different and exciting and give yourself a financial leap forward!

Do you feel like you want to do more, be more, achieve more, and earn more in your hairdressing career?

Let 2023 be your year of building your own future. A contract on board ship can enhance your CV, give you sought-after skills that will provide incredible value in your career, broaden your horizons and job opportunities. It’s the most amazing way to see the world and experience destinations you’ve only dreamed of visiting – and getting paid for it, in tax-free dollars, with all your living expenses, food, and accommodation covered.

Build your Financial Freedom as a Stylist

With a cruise ship contract, your earnings are tax-free under SA’s current tax laws.

Because you work out of the country for more than 6 months of the year during your contract, you receive your earnings tax-free. While you’re earning between R20,000 and R40,000 a month onboard, your board, food and transport are all paid for, so the only money you need to spend is on enjoying yourself, sightseeing and shopping, lots of adventures, days off, and treating yourself to clothing or souvenirs. Everything else can be saved and this can end up being a substantial sum.

Do You Need a Cash Nest Egg?

Working on board ship allows you to earn great money, tax free, and with very few costs. Whether you would like to pay off debt faster, or save up in order to put a deposit down on a house or a car, or equip your own salon, working at sea allows you to achieve your financial goals much more quickly than you would be able to achieve them on land.

And don’t forget - your career options after your contract are literally whatever you choose!

Completing a cruise ship contract is your passport to your dream job, even if it’s in that top salon where you have always dreamed of working. A cruise ship contract is a huge asset to your CV that is respected by top salons worldwide. In addition, if you love life at sea, after three contracts you can apply to work with London Wellness Academy, move into recruitment, or manage an onboard salon or spa.

Andrew Guilfoyle of Scar Hair in CT tells us why he likes to hire cruise ship-experienced stylists

“There is a very clear difference in stylists who have worked on board ship, compared to those who have not. The reality is that my ears always prick up when I hear of someone coming off a ship. This is one of the few things I will gravitate towards. Their service is always better. They have worked with a bigger variety of people who have very high expectations. They are good team players who have learned to work well with their colleagues as well as their clients.

Cruise ship training means a stylist’s skill in managing hair is outstanding – manageability and handling ofi hair creates a very good foundation for us, and this is important as we are a funkier salon. They learn very fast in all areas and are willing to try anything. It definitely takes a certain kind of person to take the leap and go for this experience, with the great earnings. They are ambitious hairstylists who are already on a very definite career journey. All we can do is keep them with us and continue growing them for as long as we can, as they are huge assets to the salon.”

If you want the experience of a lifetime that will make you a sought-after stylist in top salons all over the world, sign up now for your confidential interview.

Sign up today and change your life!


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