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The Capital Partner: Financing Salon Moves, Upgrades and Expansion

A branch of the famous salon chain Paul James Hairdressing recently used The Capital Partner to help with a successful move to new premises.

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“Paul James Hairdressing used The Capital Partner to access funds to move our hair salon to a new location. From the start, The Capital Partner was great, professional and friendly and really put us at ease. Everything was explained clearly and from application to actually getting the money in our account was less than a week, our move would not have been possible without them.

We would highly recommend using this company as the process was really easy and the service was excellent.

Regards: Karen and Suzi – Paul James Hairdressing.”

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Do You Want to Revitalise Your Salon With a Cash Injection to Unlock Potential?

Traditional banks are reluctant to give loans at a time when small businesses such as salons really need them. The Capital Partner offers a quick and accessible cash injection to small businesses with flexible payment terms.

If your salon could benefit from a Business Cash Advance at this time, please get in touch, we would love to assist you and discuss your needs.

Perhaps you need to relocate or revamp your salon or take on a new product range!

Do you want to refresh and make your salon a refuge from the world, where clients can pamper themselves and escape?

A revamp on your salon could increase turnover by up to 30%!

Now is the time to maximize your potential and make the changes you dream of. A Business Cash Advance (BCA) is our answer to help you thrive. Applying for a BCA is straightforward, and 80% of enterprises that approach us get approval within 5 to 7 days. We don’t interfere with your “business as usual."

If your business has been trading for longer than 12 months and you have regular weekly/daily turnover of minimum R120k per month, we can become your CAPITAL PARTNER.

Contact Details:

Tel: 087 057 0498

Email: apply@thecp.co.za

Web: www.thecapitalpartner.co.za

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