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The Art of Hair, JHB – Join our Team in the Most Exquisite Environment for your Talent to Thrive!

Would you like to be a part of one of the most stunningly unique salons in South Africa?

This is a brilliantly inspirational haven for your creativity and talent to shine!

The interior has a complete New York Soho loft vibe, with the most incredible outdoor deli / European sidewalk café. It has to be one of the most unique salons in the country in its exquisitely intimate atmosphere as an inclusive sanctuary where all needs are catered to – a complete hair experience and beauty rooms available for all needs, all under one roof.

Outdoors in an intimate fountain courtyard, our Director Richard Nienaber has created a stunning European street café style restaurant for his staff and their clients, with both a milkshake and juice bar, awesome deli and scrumptious bakery right on premises, with a coffee station and chocolate station for those all-too necessary pick-me-ups!

A genuinely beautiful sanctuary to build your career and grow your clientbase with all the support you could ask for.

See the recent salon décor tour published by Hairnews this month below.

We have 23 brands on offer in our retail section for your clients and unlimited potential to build your revenue stream.

Richard has travelled across the US, the UK and Dubai to gain the experience to empower staff members, and we offer unlimited educational opportunities for our stylists to keep your talent growing and thriving. Pauls’ fine eye for art and culture make The Art of Hair the most unique in the country, with an atmosphere to please all senses.

Commission or rental is optional

We would love to have you join us!

Please contact us and send your CV to:

Cell: 063 773 8805

Address: 109 Langerman Dr, Kensington Jhb



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