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The 2022 Kao Global Creative Awards - Entries are Now Open

Imagine. Create. Inspire.

Let Your Ideas Shine

A New Global Competition to Showcase the Unlimited Creativity - Presented By KAO Salon Division

Now is the time to shine on the world stage and celebrate your vison, your inspiration and your creativity.

Entries open 1- 15 June 2022.

Returning Live in 2022 with all Categories

“The first ever global creative awards in 2021 proved that stylists around the world are ready to create inspiring images, once again proving that creativity never stops.”

John Moroney

Vice President

Creative & Communication


Enter The Global Creative Awards Now

Three things separate a true creative artist from a dreamer:

extraordinarily creative ideas, the ability to bring them to life, and doing it so well that it inspires others to reach for greatness too.

And you’re a true artist.

Everything you do shows this. You see the world as an opportunity. We get that.

And now we want to celebrate that. We invite you to share your work with us and the world.

You have the talent; we have the stage for you.

Take the Chance to Show the World What a True Creative Does:


2021 Winners:

Kyle Van Wyk / South Africa New Talent Finalist 2021

Mia Crous / South Africa New Talent Finalist 2021

Nicoleen Coetzee / South Africa New Talent Finalist 2021

Now You Can Show The World Your Vision.


Let your imagination run wild. Envision your collection.

What will you show the world? How will the colors, shapes and textures look? Once you have your vision, assemble your mood board to bring it to life.

Review. Refine. Reimagine. Repeat until you’re satisfied.


Find your muse. Assemble your team.

It’s time for you to bring your vision to life.

Be clear. Be focused.

Push yourself and make it big.

Make it great. Make it stand out.


Now it’s time for you to put your creation out there.

Enter the Global Creative Awards and share your vision with the world. Impress our judges with your collection. Inspire the entire world.


Choose your playground.


Creativity starts with a photo shoot and ends with a live technical competition. For years, the Color Zoom Challenge has inspired thousands of stylists to compete – and now it continues in an exciting new way.

Compete first at the national level in your country. Gold winners move on to the international live competition.

// new talent colorist of the year

Show the world that age is not a prerequisite for creative excellence. Show your talent and technical ability in this category designed for stylists with less than five years of experience.

// creative colorist of the year

The ultimate color competition. Create your vision with a stunning photograph and then recreate it in the international live competition. Open to all stylists with the passion and drive to compete in the world of color.

// creative haircutter of the year

Show the world your work is a cut above with this precision cutting competition. Open to all passionate haircutters. Show us your image and then compete live at the international level.


Four exciting new categories of photo-only global competition that celebrate the ultimate in editorial creativity. The more creative, the better!

Compete globally in this photo-only international competition.

// men's hairstylist of the year

Show your mastery and expertise in men’s styling, barbering and grooming by creating a collection of cutting-edge men’s looks.

// avant garde stylist of the year

Pure unbridled creativity. Push the boundaries of conventional hairstyling and dare to inspire with your collection of visionary work.

// salon team of the year

Channel the creativity of your entire salon team. Create a collection that represents your shared vision and show the power of your team.

// editorial colorist of the year

Express your vision in color. Create an editorial color collection that showcases color creativity, precision and vision.


01 // choose your category

Choose your category and a model. Create your collection and do a photo shoot.

02 // imagine & create

Imagine and create. Observe the rules and be aware of the judging criteria.

03 // submit

Get your entry documents ready and submit them. Entries may be submitted only between June 1st and June 15th 2022. Have fun.

04 // winners

Announcement of the national winners, August 2022.

Go for the gold.

Entries open 1-15 June 2022.

Reward and Recognition for Your Efforts.

In the technical categories, the gold winners will receive:

1. International Gold Trophy

2. Worldwide press and editorial coverage with ESTETICA Magazine

3. Cash price of €2,500

In the editorial categories, the gold winners will receive:

1. International Gold Trophy

2. Worldwide press and editorial coverage with ESTETICA Magazine

3. Cash prize of €2,500


Take the chance to show the world what a true creative does:

imagine, create and inspire.

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