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SuperNova your Rent-A-Chair Management with ESP Cloud

ESP is Africa’s No.1 Point of Service provider since 1994 – redefining reality!

Rent-A-Chair made easy and efficient for both salons and stylists.

  • A busy, dynamic salon with rent-a-chair stylists is a wonderful challenge for an owner but ESP Cloud makes it productive and profitable.

  • Are you a mobile single practitioner? ESP Cloud caters to all of your needs as well, streamlining your clientele and cost-revenue streams.

Manage your business with your very own personal ESP Cloud software management profile, centralised all on your mobile.

  • Separate schedules

  • Separate invoicing and billing

  • Switch between Rental Profiles instantly

  • Order and Transfer stock between Stylist Stations

  • Each Stylist gets their own Online Booking

  • Meta- Franchise your Salon

Easily affordable at R100 Per Rent-A-Chair Stylist per month. T&C

ESP Cloud Director Chris Parker Describes his 3 Decades in the Hair Industry:

Some things to be grateful for in the Hair Industry.

The South African hair industry is a resilient one. No matter what is happening in the economy, people are still getting their hair cut, even though they may not be splashing out as much. Many other types of businesses face closures and mass retrenchments during tough economic times. It’s been a challenge, but the hair industry has definitely stood the test of time. People’s hair just keeps growing back …!

During COVID, for the first time in my lifetime the hair industry was shut down completely. I remember during COVID thinking back to an earlier article I wrote in the Print Hairdressing Journal many years before on the subject of our industry’s resilience and the irony in it. Who would have thought that the entire industry could have been shut down …

Celebrities, colleagues, friends and family had to take matters into their own hands - it was simply one very long bad hair day. The world sorely missed hair stylists and were counting the days until they would be able to visit their beloved salon or barber shop again and restore their dignity.

ESP has worked tirelessly to serve the hair industry with the best possible business tools to make business a success. During COVID, we strove to support the industry with management webinars and new business tools to get through the trying times. Now, post COVID, we continue to work relentlessly to bring you the best possible software and services to manage and grow your business and enable you to make your business vision a reality.

Chris Parker


ESP Cloud SuperNova takes your Rent-A-Chair Management to the Next Level!

Want the Better Ultimate Experience? SuperNova with best-in-galaxy features.

Contact us!

Tel: 086 099 4163


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