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Summer Styling with Darrel Starkey

Summer 2022 is fast approaching, and it is definitely going to be a season to remember. Already we are seeing the columns filling with colour and styling appointments as clients are enjoying every occasion possible having been restricted for so long.

With time passing by extremely quick, it’s important to look at the styling trends which are set to take the industry by storm, heavily influenced by celebrities and fashion houses alike. With pastel colour flashes and bright blondes dominating the colour world, it’s time to look at the styles which will complete the perfect summer look for the clients who have waited so long to celebrate the sunshine once more.

Braids & Waves

A favourite every year, braids and waves are once again a huge trend and have been sported recently at the likes of Coachella and Revolve, and we expect to see them evolving again through Glastonbury and the Summer Sessions. Braids are very versatile, with a style to suit everyone, whether it be a braided top knot, fishtail braid or a halo braid. This year, we will see a lot more knots and twists replacing braids. These styles are great way to keep the hair off the clients face in the daytime and can be dressed up at night with accessories, keeping the hair under control from humidity! I find that clients often opt for styles which will last a couple of days and braids are definitely one of them.

Beachy, relaxed waves are low maintenance and super easy to achieve – making them the perfect summer style. Humidity can cause mayhem with the hair during summer so opting for a loose wave with lots of texture and body allows the client to maintain a fabulous style all day long. Texturising sprays are perfect to create that undone look and my top tip is to spray the under sections of hair to add even more volume – I always explain this to my clients when creating this look in the salon, so they can recreate at home. This also upsells the product that I am using.

Up & Out Away Styles

Buns, like a low-slung bun and topknots, are particularly great during hot days to take the hair out of the face but still look fantastic. To create a low bun, I always advise firstly prepping the hair with a dry shampoo for added texture and hold. Then, take the hair back to the nape of the neck into a ponytail and after securing the ponytail in place with a hair tie, twist the hair to create a bun shape and secure into place with another hair tie or pins. To add softness and give the hairstyle a romantic finish, pull some pieces of hair out around the face – this will also help to frame the face and make facial features really pop! It’s a great style for summer and can be adapted to suit every individual.

Perfect Ponys

Ponytails are great as there are styles to suit everyone, these can be very relaxed or sleek and sophisticated – there is one for every individual. Low maintenance and extremely easy to recreate, you can out your own stamp on the style, opting for incredible texture or the addition of hair pieces to really make it unique to your client. The ponytail as we know also protects the hair from heat and sun damage and is a great way to take clients away from heated appliances! I would advise using a humidity spray on this style to prevent any fly away hairs.

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