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Styles: Pride by Danny Pato, New Zealand

Pride is the new collection from two-time 2021 International Hairdresser of the Year and five-time-consecutive New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year Danny Pato.

The creative concept behind Pride came from the animal kingdom. “I was inspired by the variety of textures and colour that identify each species,” said Pato, “whether they wish to camouflage or show off, is unique to them.

“Each creature has its own individuality and from the king of the animal world, the Lion, the Zebra, to the tiny Pink Robin, they all present with pride.

“The concept of combining textures, patterns and animal energy into the hair design and styling was a means to communicate that pride”, said Pato.

Hair & Art Director: Danny Pato using Davines

Salon: D&M Hair Design

Photographer: Mara Sommer

Stylists: Danny Pato & Rachel Morton

Makeup Artist: Kiekie Stanners

Producer: Ryland Wood

Models: Sophia and Lincoln from Red11, Mia from Unique, Juliette from 62 and Crystal from N.

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