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Styles: Play by Kristie Kesic, Australia

During the innocence of art and creative, child-directed play we unknowingly learn the basics of colour theory from a young age. We stumble across primary and secondary colour principals by experimenting and playing with coloured paints and dyes, mindlessly mixing to create new colours and tones.

I reminisce on the wonder and delight of craft as a child, smearing colours together in a butterfly painting or using hands and fingers to mix paints, seeing captivating new colours come to life. Children experience the excitement of discovery whilst fusing playing with learning, and developing creativity.

Experienced artists must master colour theory. There are rules and guidelines around mixing and the use of colour in our design. However, by removing over-complicated formulas and ratios out of the equation, stripping back the creative process and re-learning how to play with colour, this collection was born.

Collection Name: Play

Colourist: Kristie Kesic @kristiekesic @cobellecreative

Hairstylist: Elle Broadhurst @ellerosebroadhurst

Photographer: Georgia Wallace @georgiawallacepictorial

Makeup: Gemma Elaine @gemmaelaine

Stylist: Tamzen Holland @tamzenhollandfashionstylist


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