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Styles: Mood Indigo by Anne Veck, UK

A beautiful blend of blue and violet, indigo is a hue that radiates power and charm. Known to open up the third eye, indigo helps tap into our intuition. When in the presence of indigo, we become more in tune with our perception. Mood Indigo is the title of a 1930 jazz composition by Duke Ellington, later interpreted by my favourite singer of all time, Nina Simone, in her 1958 debut album Little Girl Blue. Ms. Simone was, of course, an  indefatigable campaigner for civil rights and she is my inspiration for this collection, in which I celebrate the beauty and strength of black women and black hair, their power and their charm.  

Hair Anne Veck for Anne Veck Oxford

Assisted by Samantha Golding & Claire Moss

Make-up Scarlet Cedano

Photography Desmond Murray

Styling Anne Veck


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