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Styles: Kintsugi by Juanmy Medialdea, Spain

In a time when being strong is our only option, KINTSUGI is born, naming a solidarity collection that wants to pay tribute to the hard times we are going through, showing its most human side and reflecting the MOURNING that we are all living during this terrible PANDEMIC.

KINTSUGI is a Japanese repair technique applied to ceramic when it breaks. This philosophy states that breakages and repairs are part of the history of an object, and that they should be shown instead of hidden to remind us how strong we can be.

In the same way as ceramics, we can also rebuild ourselves, but for that it is essential to go through 4 phases: denial, pain, anger and acceptance, which will make us transcend spiritually, reaching something that is outside the limits that the body imposes on us. Because every break entail learning.

That is why it fits perfectly with the collection we have created since, in one way or another, today, we are all BROKEN.

Hair: Juanmy Medialdea @ Juan Miguel Medialdea Peluqueros

Hair Instagram: @juanmy_medialdea

Hair Assistants: Jessica del Árbol and Sergio Peña Castillo

Instagram: @sergiocastillo_makeup

Photography: David Arnal Instagram: @davidarnalteam

MUA: D y D Escuela Superior de Imagen Integral, Sergio Peña Castillo, Álvaro Quirós and Inés Sánchez Calderón Instagram: @dydescuelasuperior @alvaroquiroslabella @iscimagenintegral @sergiocastillo_makeup

Products: Schwarzkopf Professional Instagram: @schwarzkopfpro.spain

Models: Agencia de Modelos Raquel Nofuentes @nofuentesmodels

Instagram Models: @r.m.tomas, @firaspantera, @rosaamg, @anaa_2442


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