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Styles: Emote Collection by Melissa Timperley, UK

We’re all on our own path, with moods and emotions along the way. It’s the human condition. We even hide our true feelings to fit in. There are things we don’t want to show and even can’t show. What if hair actually reflected our mood, would people react to us differently? In this collection, I have captured moods we all, universally, experience: pink for love, peach for happiness, blue for envy, lilac for fear. In each image the mask signifies the public face; the hair represents the mood. So, what if hair could be the indicator of true self and true mood; wouldn’t we all be more sensitive to what’s going on for others – and ourselves if our hair colour gave clues to our own current feelings.

Artistic Team: Melissa Timperley Salon @melissasalons

Photographer: Roberto Aguilar @photo_aguilar

Products: Unite Hair Products @unite_hair

MUA: Beth Anderson @bethsmakeup

Stylist: simply_masquerade


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