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Styles: Eclectic Reminiscence by Caterina Di Biase, Australia

The ECLECTIC REMINISCENCE collection is a celebration of hair inclusivity, driven by the diversity of Caterina Di Biase’s home city, Melbourne.

The core of the collection was sparked by Caterina’s recognition of the common denominator of currently trending styles - a fusion of an individuals’ natural beauty with an edge of personal expression. The collection bridges the gap between artistic & commercial realms, embracing many eras of fashion, while maintaining elements of our diverse, natural forms.

2022 high fashion editorials and luxury brand campaigns ignited the essence of this collection, namely those from Prada, Dior, Chanel, YSL and Versace. The most distinguished fashion houses and trend makers have demonstrated that embracement of natural diversity is the epitome of today’s fashion. It is a celebration of differences, that hair in all forms can be exciting, glamorous, fashion forward.

Together, ECLECTIC REMINISCENCE blends energy, natural sophistication, and confidence to communicate relevance to individuals from all backgrounds.

Disciplined and sculptured styles juxtaposed with natural and free flowing textures express the inspiration of this collection, which grew from the realisation that we are not confined to a “one-size-fits-all” box, but diversity and inclusivity in society has meant we are all enabled to express ourselves however we want – without limits.

ECLECTIC REMINISCENCE an influential and representative collection of our time.

Finalist, Australian Hairdresser of the Year - 2022 AHIA (Creative)

Photographer: Andrew O’Toole

Hairdresser: Caterina Di Biase @caterinadibiase

Salon: Heading Out Hair & Beauty, Melbourne

Make up: Shella Ruby Martin

Stylist: Anthony Capon

Model: Anna Baetan

Model: Isabel Kasimba

Model: Daria Varlamova

Model: Ruby Marriott


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