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Style Inspiration: Miami Vice by James Calabria, Franco of Canberra, Australia

Miami Vice – The paradox of the strength and feminine allure

Drawing from cop shows of old, the Miami Vice collection presents women of strength who intriguingly retain a romantic, soft side to their personal style.

“It’s almost like the policewoman crossed with the beautiful, smiling assassin,” hairdresser James Calabria of Franco of Canberra said.

“In the Miami Vice collection, these girls are like tough cops committed to their task of bringing criminals to justice but they are feminine, even sexy. Maybe this is a weapon? Maybe it’s the veneer of resilience? There’s mystery in exactly what each woman is about.”

The looks draw on the late 1980s of the Miami Vice TV show era, with texture, curl, bobs, short structured looks and longer hairstyles.

James said that importantly from a business point-of-view, these fashion-forward looks were created to be accessible.

“These are the sort of looks that clients request in the salon, but with a fashion forward edge,” James said. “I want to hear clients say ‘Can I please have the look in that photo of the wall?’, ‘Could I please have that fringe, texture, colour, makeover even?’

“The collection also sees the return of some stronger styling products drawing on 80s techniques to add volume, curl, tousled locks and even structure for short hair.

Miami Vice is about girl power and we aim for Franco of Canberra clients and others influenced by this collection to embrace its aesthetic and energy.

Hairdresser: James Calabria

Salon: Franco of Canberra @francoCanberra

Photographer: Sven Kovac

Make Up Artist: Polina

Stylist: Maikhanh Bertrand

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