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Style Inspiration: Capsule by Haute Coiffure France

Creating and innovating by combining hairdressing with another craft was the idea behind this new Capsule by Le Lab Haute Coiffure Française.

The idea was to discover the unique skill of the plisseur, a craft that is almost extinct today despite its ancestral origins, and which has given rise to an extraordinary creativity that goes beyond hair work.

For this Capsule by Le Lab Haute Coiffure Française, the hair was worked like a raw material: pleated like a textile, folded like parchment and heated for long hours to create innovative textures and a unique 3D effect. The use of colour enhanced the texture, highlighting the pleating technique.

With the effect of movement, deliberate blurring and soft shadows, you’ll be transported into the ancestral world of folding, which offers an ‘Avant-Garde’ design in its own right.

Réalisation: Élodie Hue

Artistic Director: Christophe Gaillet

Photographe: Weronika Kosinska

Videographer: Katie December & Hubert Zielinski I Please Production

Make-up: Anna Sokolowska

Extensions: Great Lengths France

Production: MK Production

Major Partner: L’Oréal ProfessionnelWith the participation of Revlon Professional


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