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You are invited to take part in the most prestigious competition in the hairdressing industry – the Wella Professionals TrendVision Award 2023.

Each year we look for visionaries of the industry within two categories, so pick yours to suit your skill set and creativity. Participate to become the next National TrendVision Award (NTVA) winner and earn the chance to proceed to the International TrendVision Award 2024 (ITVA).

Bring your personal vision and craftsmanship to life by showcasing your unique skills against other emerging South African stylists. You will compete against a backdrop of spectacular creativity and feel the incredible thrill of vying for one of the two titles.

TrendVision Award is where the future industry stars are made. EXPLORE your creativity, DEVELOP your skills, BUILD your confidence, and RAISE your profile to BECOME the next rising star!


*Competition Launch: Thursday 29th June 2023

**Photographic entries open: Friday 28th July 2023

Photographic entries close: Friday 25th August 2023

Top 6 photographic entries per category announced: Thursday 7th September 2023

**Final event, winners declared: Sunday 1st October 2023


Colour Visionary

COLOUR Visionary is a COLOUR category, complimented by CUT and STYLING

DIMENSIONALISING​ Ligthness Violet continues to evolve this season! Often used to neutralise unwanted warm golden hues- we now experience the full extent of its multitasking capabilities. Add a touch of serenity and playful escapism with purposeful tones of the digital lavender enhanced by the potency of clear blonde.​ Showcase the Wella Professionals colour spectrum by creating stunning colour that is multi-dimensional, glossy, healthy looking and premium.

We see high shine and movement, using complementary and harmonized tones.

Let’s create dimensionalised lightness showcasing the beauty that evolves classic looks but twists them into a new era showcasing endless possibilities. Using our most advanced lightener, Blondorplex, KPME+ for richness and intensity, Illumina Color with superior shine, Glazing with Shinefinity, Color Touch for toning, the choice is yours.

Craft Visionary

CRAFT Visionary is a CUT and STYLING category, complimented by COLOUR

New hair, real me….

People haven’t been able to express themselves as they normally would. Using home cut and colour for quick fixes, when not being able to go back to the salon. And now it’s time to reveal the me I want to be! This is your time to showcase artistry and craftmanship and provide the consumer with the best hair look and feel that they desire! People are looking for high-quality service and expertise, high-definition colour and a master hair cut that is crafted with professionalism.


The Top 6 competitors in each of the two categories will be notified via email on the 1st of September 2023. An announcement of the Top 6 will be made on Thursday 7th September on Wella Professionals, MHB social media platforms and HairNews.

Top 6 competitors in every category will be invited to attend the National TrendVision Awards 2023 final event in Cape Town on the 1st October 2023. Gold, Silver and Bronze winners in each category will be declared at the event. The People’s Choice Award in each category will be open for voting at the final event and winners will be announced at the event.

Head over to our Modern Hair & Beauty Website or check out our BIO @wellaprofessionals_sa under NTVA 2023

Want to know more? Watch this space…..

More details to follow on the *29th of June 2023.

PS: We know the excitement is getting real BUT *We would strongly advise that you wait for the competition launch date before creating your look. The Rules & Regulations and T & C’s will only be available on the 29th of June 2023. **Take note that the National Trend Vision Awards for 2023 will be purely based on photographic entries and technical documentation to support your entry, no practical will be required.


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