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Shift Hair & Beauty Launches 72 Hair Smoothing System in SA


An exciting opportunity for the South African Industry!

SHIFT, already importers of the conditioning MYCOLOR tint range, has discovered the multi-year, multi-award winning brand 72 HAIR Smoothing System, imported from the UK specifically for the needs of the SA industry for a much safer, eco-friendly hair service experience!

  • Certified Vegan product

  • No harmful ingredients

  • No dangerous fumes

The 72 Hair Story: For The Love of Hair

72 Hair believe in keeping things simple.

72 Hair is a keratin smoothing range, specifically designed to tame the frizz out in all hair types. This formaldehyde-free keratin treatment does not chemically change the hair structure, but rather bonds with the internal hair structure to eliminate frizz, and allow more manageability of the hair, whilst strengthening the hair and giving extreme shine.

Same-Day Smooth and Tint

What’s also fantastic about 72 Hair Smoothing System is that you can tint on the SAME day without any change to the colour pigments.

The general trend nowadays is not dead straight hair, but natural looking, manageable hair with movement, with a shorter blow dry time. By changing the development time and amount of time you flatiron the hair, you can either eliminate frizz whilst keeping the curl, or you can extend the development time, and number of passes with an iron to have a straighter, smoother finish, giving more flexibility to your clients’ needs.

Long-lasting Effects

Being a progressive treatment, it means that the more the client has it done in salon (usually every 12 weeks), the straighter and longer lasting the effect is. As a stylist, you can give your client exactly what they’re looking for with each service.

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Meet the Greens: The Minds Behind 72 Hair

Hairdressers with over 40 years of collective experience, they have created 72 Hair, formulating the perfect products to do exactly what they needed for their clients’ hair. SHIFT Hair and Beauty have partnered with the Greens to introduce this expertise into South Africa. Their capsule collection contains all you need to create beautiful, shiny hair that’s easy to manage and looks fantastic, day after day. While the shampoos are specially formulated for different hair types, the rest of the range is suitable for all the hair types you experience with your clients.

  • Gary Green has a worldwide reputation for styling excellence, with salons in Miami as well as London.

  • Matt Green is one of London’s go-to colourists, and now educates others to follow in his creative footsteps.

  • Johnny Green is 72 Hair’s ingredients expert, selecting the finest elements to make up the professional formulas.

  • Nick Green is passionate about communicating 72 Hair’s philosophy to clients, and ensures the finest salons stock the range.

We are very proud to have been nominated by our own salons for the Hairnews Industry Awards 2022, in the category of Best Salon Treatment.

Vote for us HERE

Ready to create great hair day, every day?

Your clients will fall back in love with their hair, with the 72 Hair Professional Smoothing System. The only collection you’ll need for beautifully smooth, glossy hair, with minimum effort. Discover how you can create great hair day, every day.

We sell exclusively to selected 72 Hair stockists.

And with more exciting news COMING SOON, SHIFT Hair & Beauty will be launching two additional international brands in the very near future, so be sure to look out on our social media channels for the exciting launch dates!

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