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Sandton Salon Offers Opportunities for Beauty Professionals

Business owner Akash Maharaj is starting a new project in Sandton, offering a place of work for those professionals in the hair and beauty industry who have lost their jobs or been forced to close up shop due to the pandemic.

Here is what this exciting new intitative involves. Please email mrakashmaharaj@gmail.com for more details.

We are looking for people in the beauty sector that have lost their jobs (hair stylists, nail techs, massage therapists, make-up artists, beauticians, etc.). Must be in the Sandton area in Johannesburg (or close by).

I am setting up a health and wellness and beauty spa to help people that have lost their jobs in the beauty sector to get back onto their feet. I will also fund the centre for the first few months while income is being generated.

You need to be well presented, experienced and willing to put in long hours. You should also ideally have your own equipment and client base and be highly qualified. For the right individuals, I will also consider carrying the costs of your rental etc. (ie. no charge for you to rent your seat etc. for the first 3 months).

Honesty and integrity is non negotiable.

This is purely to help people in the health and beauty sector get back on their feet and earn an income.

You will need to be serious and commit to doing this for the long term as I am investing personal funds into this project. This is not for people wanting a “job”.

Please send me your CV (including references), qualifications, ID copy and a few clear recent photographs (head and shoulders and full-length) and a motivation letter stating why you should be considered for this opportunity, to:

mrakashmaharaj@gmail.com and we will contact shortlisted candidates for an interview.

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