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Salon Product Online: Give Your Salon the E-Commerce Competitive Edge

Don’t miss out on a revenue stream – enable your clients to order products online, if you are out of stock or don't carry a certain brand!

Now your salon can compete in the online market. As a Salon Product Online member, you will earn commission on all sales made through your salon link. Every client who buys online can contribute to your salon's turnover. And now our new sister website launch of The Good Salon Guide South Africa makes your inclusive membership even more valuable!

  • Put an online shopping experience at your clients’ fingertips, no opening orders

  • Make your salon more visible and searchable

  • Reach new clients seeking the products and services you offer

Your Business Benefits in a Competitive Market

Expand your revenue stream having your own online site helps you when you are short of stock, or when a client wants brands you don’t stock, or if a client wants convenient online shopping. We're thrilled to feature both international and locally produced, well priced and top quality brands of hair care and beauty products to your clients, all without you having to stock more inventory than you need.

Starting up your own e-commerce site is extremely costly and time consuming. But for just R99/month with Salon Product Online, you can be a member salon with your own link and your own name at checkout, as well as your own personalised specials and marketing!

Included in this membership now is our exciting new venture The Good Salon Guide South Africa website where your salon will be featured as part of your membership fee, a fabulous new salon-locator for clients with all the amenities, services and product ranges you have to offer, all at their fingertips on their mobiles.

With this subscription you gain on every level! Commission, Business Intelligence Reports and Marketing Upscaling – all included.

By becoming a Salon Product Online subscriber, you will get your own unique link that you can send to clients, making it easy for them to shop with you from their homes. You will receive 20% commission on every sale made through your link, or by clients nominating your salon at checkout, paid at month end.

You receive a detailed monthly client purchase and commission report to help you plan your future stock inventory, your marketing strategy and develop your client relationships. This allows you to see who bought what so that you can identify new retail opportunities that might work within your salon - your business plan becomes intelligent and proactive!

And now there’s more for your marketing needs

All Salon Product Online subscribers are part of a brand new, fabulous marketing initiative to help your salon become more visible to clients in your area your monthly subscription will include you in this!

The Good Salon Guide South Africa is an online resource for South African salons which allows clients to search and find what they need, whether it’s a local salon in their area, a specific service they need, or a product stockist they are seeking. Salon Product Online members are included free of charge allowing potential clients to search for your salon by area, products and services, and to see at a glance what you offer. This will increase your online visibility even more and improve your marketing reach with no effort on your part.

Outsource your marketing programme to us - all maintenance, updates and changes are done for you – just message us and we’ll upload them to 3 media platforms simultaneously, with no extra effort from you.

Take a look now:

All this – for R99 a month!

How can you afford NOT to be a Salon Product Online member?

  • Your own e-commerce link for clients

  • Monthly reports on what you sold through the link

  • Personalised discount coupons as often as you want them

  • Discounted products available if you need to quickly top up on your retail stock without placing a big order.

  • Automatic inclusion in The Good Salon Guide SA with featured salons every month, a fantastic expansion of your marketing reach on all levels.

Contact our friendly team today or simply sign up HERE to join immediately

Or click here to sign up directly:

For more information on The Good Salon Guide South Africa:

To contact, email:

Salon Product Online is the online store for Pavilion Creative Salon, located in Kyalami. This fully equipped salon is mostly booked but is available on a Tuesday and Wednesday as a safe, calm space where a stylist can care for high-risk clients in a gorgeous country setting. Contact 071 027 2225 to book space.


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