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Salon International at ExCeL London

We are delighted to be able to share with you a look at the Stage Action from the Salon Live shows which included TONI&GUY, Sassoon Academy, Patrick Cameron and Mahogany.

TONI & GUY – Salon Live

The TONI&GUY show at Salon International was a fantastic experience for attendees to see the full spectrum of the hairdressing super brand’s world: from salon-friendly cuts and colours which will drive shape street hair trends over the coming months, to inspirational avant-garde work that pushes the medium to its pinnacle.

“We’re a family business that continues to go from strength to strength. One of my father’s sayings was education, education, education – it’s so important to always keep learning, growing, and expanding. For us as a business the most important thing is to empower our hairdressers,” announced Owner and Brand Global Director, Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck to the sold-out auditorium.

The show also served as a platform for the official global launch of RE-VAMP, LABEL.M's brand new identity and campaign. The best-selling product line has been updated to represent the brand’s eight pillars: heritage, education, expertise, fashion, biocompatibility, sustainability, digital innovation, and the matrix – an accessible new way to navigate and identify the perfect products for every client.

The team presented amazing collections that reflected their focus on haircuts that feature real life and real hair. Their ReVibe 6.0 collection concept of modern legacy within, and the second collection presented, Metaculture, also focused on individuality. This was followed by the Session Team showcasing some of their most recent runway looks, with breathtaking presentation models featuring pure artistry, at its best.

TONI&GUY looks ahead to its 60th year and celebrates two decades of their London Fashion Week relationship – most recently as Official Partner to London Fashion Week, and with LABEL.M as the Official Haircare Product, in partnership with the British Fashion Council. It’s never been a more exciting time to be fully immersed in the brand and explore the breadth of their hairdressing universe!

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Sassoon Academy – Salon Live The Sassoon show at Salon International is always an eagerly anticipated event in the hairdressing calendar, bringing the visionary work and technical expertise of the Sassoon Creative Team to the show’s global audience.

This year, International Creative Director, Mark Hayes promised a presentation that was, “stripped back… with a focus on craftsmanship and pure technique,” with live demonstrations reflecting a highly personalised, bespoke take on the Sassoon philosophy of shape and balance. “Today it’s about diversity. Now more than ever it’s about the individual and what suits them, creating classic Sassoon methodology,” Mark continued.

Bringing to life the discipline, methodology and unbridled creativity that has kept the Sassoon Academy at the forefront of hair education for the last six decades, members of the International Colour and Creative Teams walked the audience through a series of full transformations live on stage, demonstrating bespoke directions in cut, colour, and styling.

Colours created ranged from golden blond and tangerine tints and a gradient infusion of pink and violet curls to hand-painted surface colours in a geometric fuchsia halo and freehand stripes in black and red.

“Times of strife bring out new and interesting ways of seeing things, and that’s exactly what’s happening in the industry. The freehand colour which a lot of the team are doing today has come about from the last 12 months and what we’ve all lived through,” explained UK Colour Director, Edward Darley.

With a host of looks presented that combined classic silhouettes, techniques and values with a contemporary, hyper-individualised outlook, this was a show that epitomised all that makes Sassoon so special.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Patrick Cameron – Salon Live It wouldn’t be Salon International without Patrick Cameron, and this year’s Salon Live show from the long hair maestro featured the tried-and-true, technique-focussed looks that have come to embody his iconic stage shows.

The main lesson this year? Embracing social media and new digital formats for hairdressing education. Outlining the importance of building a personal brand, Patrick shared practical tips for creating and planning relatable, beautiful social media content. From working smarter not harder with video to tackling trolls, this was a masterclass in making digital work for you. It wouldn’t be a Patrick Cameron show without ponytails, braids and seemingly-effortless udpos. “For me it has to be about ease and simplicity,” he told the audience. “It has to be commercial and about looks your clients want – not a fantasy.”

Reiterating the importance of a strong foundation, especially for softer looks, Patrick shared tips for building the perfect base: don’t over-condition the hair to maintain some grip, and always use hot rollers or a classic tong set to prep. He also shared the importance of model choice for photographic work on social media, explaining how intricate looks often work best on lighter hair to showcase the detailing, while darker hair can perform better for more structural styles.

Having inspired three generations of hairdressers, Patrick continues to evolve and find new, relevant ways to create, share and ignite the passions of long hair lovers across the globe.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Mahogany – Salon Live The idiosyncratic theatricality of the 1980s New Romantic scene inspired Mahogany’s latest collection, The Kilter Klub, which was showcased for the first time on the Salon Live stage at Salon International.

Taking their cue from the creatively diverse subculture and the idea of twisting the traditional, the collection heroed rule-breaking techniques across cut and colour – “because pretty is more powerful when it comes with an edge," said International Creative Director, Colin Greaney.

Although the inspirations for the collection were rooted in the avant garde, the techniques were resolutely commercial, with the team stressing the importance of mastering the fundamentals and finessing the seven classic Mahogany cuts, as well as creating beautiful, desirable colour to support salon business. “We take it to the edge on stage,” explained UK Creative Director, Antony Licata, “but it’s underlined with commercially-driven techniques and healthy, expensive-looking colour.”

The team presented nine models in total with looks featuring internal offset layering techniques, sporadic texturising and internal disconnection, for highly individual styles that heroed their model muses. “We create looks based on personality and preference,” said Creative Director, Neil Atkinson. “Ultimately, that’s what matters.”

Colours were contrasting but complementary, ranging from shimmering metallic pink and violet coppers, through to Blondie-inspired platinum and a steel grey featuring an outline perimeter of inky black.

With a focus on highly personalised looks reflecting the individuality of both the post-punk scene and the current generation of empowered and assured young people, The Kilter Klub provided boundless inspiration while remaining absolute to the Mahogany Hairdressing cut and colour philosophy.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Our own Terry Scott from Terry Scott Hair Fashion attended, keep an eye out for his writeup next week!


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