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Revolutionize Your Salon Services with L'ANZA Professional Treatments

As a hair professional, you understand the importance of delivering exceptional care to your clients. L'ANZA’s range of professional treatments is designed to address severe hair damage, enhance colour retention, and restore your clients’ hair to optimal health. 

We introduce four transformative treatments to elevate your salon services: 

  • The Emergency Service

  • The Ultimate Treatment

  • Trauma Treatment

  • and the new Rapid Bond Reconstructor

The Emergency Service: Ultimate Hair Healing

Keratin Healing Oil Emergency Service is a game-changer for critically damaged hair. This dual-phase in-salon treatment is L'ANZA’s most powerful hair healing system.


How It Works:

Thermal Therapy (Part A): Self-Assembling Peptides form a scaffold within damaged hair tissue, activated by heat.

Cream Cure (Part B): Curative components, including Next Generation Keratin and Phyto IV Complex, attach to the scaffold, restoring hair's strength and integrity.

Key Benefits:

• Reinforces severely damaged hair.

• Restores hair to optimal health.

• Utilizes advanced peptide and keratin technology.


The Ultimate Treatment: Customizable Healing Service

L'ANZA Ultimate Treatment offers a customizable 3-step healing service tailored to each client’s hair type and condition.


  1. Chelating Shampoo: Removes impurities with a gentle, colour-safe formula.

  2. Deep Treatment: Infuses essential nutrients, used with customizable Power Boosters.

  3. Moi Moi Moisturizing Mist: Provides lightweight moisture and protection.


Power Boosters:

• Strength: For weak, brittle hair; boosts strength and reduces breakage.

• Moisture: For dry hair; improves softness and shine.

• Volume: For fine hair; thickens strands and builds volume.


Service Customization:

• Prepares hair for cutting, colouring, perming, or straightening.

• Enhances service results, increases client satisfaction, and stimulates repeat business.


Trauma Treatment: Versatile Leave-In Therapy

Trauma Treatment is a deep healing leave-in treatment designed to prevent colour fading and protect hair from environmental damage.

Key Features:

• Provides utmost colour protection.

• Delivers healthy shine and vibrancy.

• Offers advanced thermal and UV protection.

• Ideal for over-processed, colour-treated hair.

Professional Use:

• Improves colour attachment when added to L'ANZA Healing Colour formula.

• Heals extremely compromised hair.


Rapid Bond Reconstructor: Powerful Hair Strengthener

Rapid Bond Reconstructor is L'ANZA’s latest innovation for rebuilding, reinforcing, and protecting hair bonds.

Key Benefits:

• Rebuilds and reinforces hair bonds.

• Restores utmost strength and resiliency.

• Prevents hair breakage and split ends.

• Transforms hair back to peak health.



• Use after Keratin Healing Oil Shampoo & Conditioner.

• For severely damaged hair, leave in for 2-3 minutes and rinse.

• For thick or critically damaged hair, leave in without rinsing.


Other Uses:

• As a take-home treatment after in-salon services.

• As an overnight strengthening treatment.

• Add to L'ANZA Decolourizer to reinforce bonds without diluting the formula.

These advanced treatments will not only enhance your salon services and the results you deliver but also build client loyalty and boost your reputation as a top-tier hair professional. 


With L'ANZA’s professional treatments, you have the tools to transform hair health and achieve stunning results every time. Elevate your salon experience with L'ANZA’s innovative solutions and witness the difference in your clients’ hair health and satisfaction.


Email us at to learn more.

Alternatively, you can contact the sales representative for your area to find out more about the brands we stock.

About L’ANZA Color & Care: From care to color, L’ANZA heals, seals and protects hair around the world utilizing the latest technology available for award-winning product performance. L’ANZA is the only brand that heals the hair, delivering maximum shine & color that lasts. They maintain a green commitment by ensuring all products & actions support a healthy & sustainable Earth. L’ANZA is proud to be a professional, diversion-free brand, creating the finest haircare products, tools, and education in the world.


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