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Stylist Profile: Rene Ferreira - Veaudry Icon Salon - The Creative Life

My name is Rene Ferreira and have been in the industry for over 15 years. I’m proud to partner and work with Veaudry International which includes Veaudry Icon Salon, MUK Haircare South Africa and DS Laboratories.

From the Beginnings

I started my career as an apprentice in Witbank but decided to travel the world and joined the cruise ships for several years, not only doing what I love but also getting to see the world!

Upon my return home I worked as a hair stylist but needed an extra creative outlet and decided to study makeup artistry. I left the salon and decided to freelance hair and makeup. I was able to do many free shoots and shadow many talented makeup artists to build connections and perfect my art. During my freelance career, I worked with many talented models and celebrities such as Melinda Bam, Tracey McGreggor and international models, just to name a few. I was fortunate to have my work published in magazines, billboards, TV shows and adverts.

A Major Step Forward

It was during this time that I discovered Veaudry Global and not long after, was offered a sponsorship. This was a big milestone for me as I have always loved the brand.

I started with Veaudry Icon Salon after lockdown and decided not only to build my name even more in the industry but also to represent the brand as much as I can, believing in the brand so much.

Miss SA – an Amazing Opportunity

Being in the salon makes my heart happy as I can give women confidence by creating some beautiful hair art. It also makes it possible to connect with other industry professionals and open up new doors for me. When we secured the contract as hair artists for Miss SA, without a doubt we accepted!

The Miss SA contract became my project and with my previous experience of working backstage, I was in my element. Working backstage has this adrenaline rush that keeps the heart pumping even faster! Not only do I get to work with beautiful, smart and fun women but my work is featured on a stage that is viewed all over the world. This opportunity gave me the pleasure of working with former Miss Universe winners such as Pia Wurtzbach (2015), Catriona Grey (2018), and Andrea Meza (2020) but also with our own lovely South African queens.

Marketing Shoots – Hard Work and Perfectionism

Veaudry Global has some great marketing but then we decided to up the level in the industry this year. With my ongoing shoot work for several years, I was asked by the owners to create some beautiful, exciting content. We recently did a shoot and although the content is amazing, it’s more than just a pretty picture. Pre-production are days of research, sorting out a team, location, wardrobe, and models.

Shoot day is such an adrenaline rush, making sure everything is perfect and up to par, but this isn’t where it ends – post-production is just as important. It frequently takes 3 days to select the perfect images, with the exhaustive back and forth process to make sure video edit is on brand. Although a shoot like this takes weeks to organize, seeing your hard work on social media, banners and booklets really is so rewarding!

Social Media – Advertise Your Work

As we all know, social media has become a platform where we get to advertise our work. I decided to study marketing to not only improve my brand awareness but also to showcase the brands that I believe in and who believe in me.

This has opened so many social media opportunities for me, for me personally and for the brands. My social media presence isn’t just about posting a pretty picture but about educating my followers with tips and tricks. Getting that perfect image to make people stop and look is what I strive for, and still have fun.

Education a Valuable Part of the Client Relationship

I have always believed that we as professionals need to educate our clients not only with colour but also with homecare.

This kind of education has been something that I have enjoyed since the day I started my career. I have sat endless nights educating myself on products, especially the brands that have trusted me over the years such as Veaudry Global, MUK Haircare South Africa and DS Laboratories. I am currently educating and really focusing on styling tips and tricks and this would not have been possible without investing time, energy and building relationships.

Ambassadors – Crucial to Creating Brand Awareness

As we all have realized over the last few years, social media has become the front row in marketing yourself and what better way to market your brand by using ambassadors? A word of warning: be careful to not just use anyone as you don’t want them to use you for a free hairdo!

Personally, I have made sure that I use people that I can connect with, have the same values as my brand and the brands I use, and have a following to create brand awareness. This has not only given me new opportunities but also enhanced brand awareness. Very much a win situation for all!


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