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Quick Cuts: Salon Innovation in Tight Times – Take the Salon to the Clients

The biggest thing on the SA hair industry’s mind right now is how to get feet in the door and increase income stream! In these days of busy schedules and days filled with schlepping around, how can a salon make a difference?

One barbering business has made the jump to take the barbershop to the clients, right to the market’s own territory – a barbershop offering affordable, quality services right where potential clients spend their time, maximising complete convenience for new walk-ins, walk-bys and loyal satisfied repeat customers.

And all with an innovative, quirky little venue right in the middle of a social atmosphere rounds out the ingenious mix of attention, convenience and the pleasant surprise of economical, quality hair service between golfing rounds, meals, drinks and padel!

Talk about Service Delivery!

Clients can make a day of it – no extra travel, with a service delivered right to them!

The proud new owners let us know just how their novel idea sprang to mind and was accomplished.

We are Quick Cuts. A Unisex, Fusion Hair Salon built on three pillars: affordability, convenience, and quality cuts for absolutely everyone in our community.

A discussion came about one summer evening, during a golf tournament that my husband was partaking in and a friend who has been in the barbering business since 1998. “Why don’t we take the barbering service directly to the golfing market. Let’s create a community, family-orientated hair service that has low set up costs but offers some of the best styling and cutting in Joburg?”

A month later, there we were, in a quirky log cabin, positioned inside The Magaliessig Driving Range AKA, The Golf Place Fore-ways. As well has having an exceptional haircut by Abdul Banza, 19 years in the industry, our clients can have a meal and drinks at the restaurant, get the car washed, hit some golf balls and the kiddies have their own play area and golf coaching. Tournament Padel Ball courts are coming soon.

Pricing our men and kids cuts affordably was crucial to the overall strategy. We would rather cut more clients in a day than charge them more. We also didn’t want our customers to have to schlepp through shopping centres to find us. We’re set up in a quirky hut based at the Magaliessig Driving Range, brand new and just opened 14 Jan 2023. We have an incredible stylist and are getting really good feedback from customers so far!

Convenience, Affordability and Quality Service – right where the clients need it.

Open: Tuesday to Friday 9am – 18.30pm and Saturday and Sunday 9am – 2pm

Physical address: 33 Troupant Avenue, Magaliessig, The Golf Place Fore-ways

Contact: Andi 082 607 2020


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