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Open New Revenue Streams with Motherkind Collagen from Slick Salon Solutions

What’s all the hype over Collagen?

Are we preaching to the converted?

Are you still a skeptic?

Why would you bring a beauty product into your business?

The real question is, why wouldn’t you?

SLICK SALON SOLUTIONS has for 10 Years now, been a leader in driving new solutions into the SALON SPACE.

SLICK’s new brand - MOTHERKIND / MANKIND - has taken the initiative and leading Salons and Professionals alike through COVID times into making more PROFIT in their salon space, and thus CREATING NEW TRANSACTIONAL VALUE for you, the PROFESSIONAL.

TOP SALONS across South Africa, have opened up for change and thus claiming their share of Lifestyle and Wellness Brand Motherkind.

COLLAGEN, Motherkind #1 choice of brand with consumers.

Isn’t it time you put this brand in your salon and space, and start to enjoy the additional revenue stream your business has been waiting for?

Rechelle from MotherKind explains “Why MOTHERKIND collagen?”

Some things get better with age… unfortunately our body’s ability to produce enough collagen does not. Brittle nails, thinning hair and dull skin are all tell-tale signs that our bodies need a little help from the inside.

Our youthful glow starts to fade as our ageing bodies naturally produces less and less collagen, as a result we start to experience achy joints, weak muscles, along with less lustrous-looking hair and dull skin.

Motherkind Collagen is advanced in helping to replenish this important protein source and vital building block our bodies need.

Make sure you are putting the right type of collagen into your body. Motherkind has proven itself time and time again with its advanced collagen peptides. Over and above our clinical trials and scientific proof, Motherkind has proven to be the no. 1 choice by thousands of happy clients with success stories.

“Let’s restore that glow from within with the best.”

We have asked our Top Partners about their journey so far with MOTHERKIND and SLICK and how it has impacted their business, with more profit in their tills. We would love to share your story with many and the journey MOTHERKIND can give your Salon.

Nicole – Franco International

Franco international has been a leading hair salon group for over 50 years. Priding ourselves on creating an exceptional and professional experience to every guest that comes into our environment.

Hair care health has always been a two-step program, professional in salon services using only the most prestigious brands and luxury take home hair care products. However, there was always a missing step to ensure better hair health and growth Introducing a brand such as Motherkind to our guests has now given us the opportunity to introduce a third step to ensure optimum hair health. Clients can now treat their hair from the inside.

With clients being able to research everything at the touch of a screen, the demand for clients wanting to know what They could take in form of vitamins that were best to ensure healthy hair was increasing. With Motherkind we now have the answers to the questions they were looking for and the solution that they were needing.

Stocking Motherkind has allowed a separate avenue of income to come into our doors increasing turnover that we would never have had should we have chosen not to stock Motherkind. There was a demand and Motherkind definitely allowed us to meet and fulfill the demand with confidence.

Paul Fox – Paul James Hairdressing /

Clients absolutely love Motherkind. I feel it opens up another avenue in our business that we didn’t have before. Almost creating a new opportunity for wellness within the salon industry.

Melissa Prinsloo – LEAH’s Beauty Bar

We absolutely love Motherkind because we see great results in ourselves as well as our clients. It is bringing all our clients back for more, thus increasing our monthly turnover.

Melanie – Milla Grey

As a salon owner I’m always looking for ways to grow my business and offer our clients more valuable products. Motherkind has given me the opportunity to add another platform for growth and earning potential.

Safina Khan - Hair Technique

Initially I wasn’t sure about keeping Motherkind in my salon, but so glad I did, it’s now created a new revenue in my business. Selling like crazy, I love the product.

Natalie Lawlor - Nspa

Since introducing Motherkind to Nspa, it is now a one stop shop. It’s a smart, holistic choice to first start looking after yourself from within. Our sales have increased by 10 - 15% since stocking this fabulous brand.

N&E Hair & Beauty Studio

Motherkind! It's on everyone's lips these days! Since it was introduced in our Studio in Feb 2021, it has been a huge success. Motherkind has added Retail Value to our salon and N&E Hair & Beauty Studio regards this product as essential to daily optimal wellbeing.

Motherkind products have a visual impact on our studio with its vibrant packaging which compliments our image and decor.

We have noticed that since Covid19 started, clients are more health conscious and motivated to lead a healthier lifestyle. The Motherkind products are consumer-friendly and the positive feedback is amazing.

N&E Hair & Beauty is proud to carry Motherkind products which are displayed at the centre of the Salon where it is in full view to potential clients to maximise retail and growth for the business.

There is no reason to delay putting this incredible product onto your shelves and increasing your revenue in new ways. Slick Salon Solutions is offering you the opportunity increase your profitability with a once off deal for 1st time MotherKind clients.

Quote this CODE #HAIRNEWS10, to receive additional 10% in Added Value to your opening order.

Call SLICK TODAY – 0861 1 SLICK ( 011 794 5286) or email SLICK SALON SOLUTIONS MD BRANDON RANDALL – to find out more for your salon!


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