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Newtrino: Upgrade your Serum Routine with New Newtrilight Mini

With research and product development based around a comprehensive and progressive approach to hairloss and associated scalp disorders, Newtrino is a professional scalp therapy range developed by a certified Trichologist. Whilst many competing brands offer solutions based around symptom management, the range of Newtrino products are designed to halt and mitigate against underlying causes, as well as symptoms, of multiple forms of hairloss. Newtrino includes topical products, which are formulated with clinically proven active ingredients (shampoos, conditioners and serums) as well as internal supplementation in the form of vegan capsules, and now with the newly added Newtrilight Serum Dispenser.



This handheld Densifying Serum Dispenser uses 655nm red wave laser light therapy in micro-current vibrations to evenly distribute the Newtrino™ Densifying Serum across the entire scalp to prolong hair growing cycles, break down DHT and improve blood circulation within the follicle and scalp. The NewtriLightMini™ enhances all these benefits by improving the delivery and absorption of the serum deeper into the scalp and follicles and creating a stimulated, healthy environment surrounding the hair follicles.


The NewtriLight™ Mini emits 10 000 vibrations per minute to stimulate and rejuvenate the follicles and scalp. 


Clinical trials have showcased the following results:

  • Prevents dandruff and itchy scalp by infusing oxygen within the dermis triggering an anti-bacterial chain reaction to eliminate bacteria andfungal infections.

  • Removes dead skin cells leaving the scalp feeling clean and refreshed.

  • Improves blood circulation surrounding the follicles and within the scalp.

  • Helps generate new cells by removing dead skin cells resulting in a significantly improved cellular turnover.

  • Improves absorption and oxygen within the cells resulting in improved communication and activity within the follicles and scalp.

  • Triggers keratinocyte growth factor synthesis referred to as Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 that significantly induces growing activity within the follicles.


Step 1: Decant 

Open the storage liquid tank lid and decant 1.5mls (1 full dropper) of Newtrino Densifying Serum into the Storage Liquid Tank and close the lid. The Newtrilight is designed to be used exclusively with Newtrino densifying serum.


Step 2: Power on the device 

Long press the power button to turn the device on and off, and to switch between modes.


Step 3: Selected desired mode

Soft touch the power to select one of three different mode options:

  1. Hair growth mode (red wave laser therapy, vibration and micro-current) 

  2. Massage mode (vibration and micro-current) 

  3. Rejuvenation mode (red wave laser therapy and micro-current)


Step 4: Application

Place the device prongs onto the scalp, pressing the dispenser button to release the serum while moving the device across the scalp focusing affected areas. Application should be done daily for 5 minutes on a clean scalp.


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