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Milkshake’s Moisture Plus: Perfect Products for Dry, Thirsty Hair

Made for Happiness

Deeply Hydrated Hair That’s Full of Life.

Let your clients experience organic papaya extract and hyaluronic acid with the milk_shake® Moisture Plus range. From the first application, hair is lustrous and shiny, fulfilling the desire to be beautiful and radiant.

Stock up now on these amazing products for your clients’ retail needs, just in time for dry season, when your clients are going to be desperate for moisture. Moisture Plus is also excellent for those clients who need moisturising and nourishing after-care after drastic chemical processes like bleaching. Restore their hair’s natural luxuriant shine with a treatment that gives the sensation of healthy hair with brand new formulas and a delicious fragrance.

Dryness is the bane of your clients’ hair.

Milkshake has the solution: Perfect Products for Thirsty Hair

milk_shake® Moisture Plus has two results on the hair:



3 Beauty Routine Phases To Cleanse. Hydrate. Strengthen.

Milkshake’s Moisture Plus aftercare range covers all the much needed elements for your clients’ dry hair, giving softness and manageability to dry hair, maintaining the hair’s optimal moisture balance. It contains organic papaya extract, Integrity 41® and hyaluronic acid with an anti-aging action, as well as protecting hair colour. Leaves hair visibly healthy, soft and shiny.

All are paraben-free.


moisture plus shampoo - Moisturizing shampoo for dry hair.


moisture plus conditioner - Moisturizing conditioner for dry hair.

moisture plus lotion – Hydrating concentrated lotion for dry hair.


moisture plus whipped cream - No rinse moisturizing foam for dry hair.

Dry hair is a sign that hair needs help.

Just like a light on the dashboard signals something is wrong with a car, variations in manageability, softness, shine and strength of the cuticle indicate changes in the appearance and health of the hair.

If the hair is healthy, the cuticle surface of the hair is smooth, meaning the hair:

• is easy to comb and more manageable

• is soft and healthy to the touch

• the smooth surface reflects the light, restoring maximum shine, like a mirror

• is compact and resistant to external aggressors.

If the cuticle of the hair is damaged, it looks like stairs made of microscopic irregular steps:

• the comb finds resistance and therefore more friction

• hair is rough to the touch

• light is dispersed in all directions, resulting in matte, dull hair

• the protective action of the cuticle is less efficient therefore hair is weak, less resistant to external aggressors and more inclined to have split ends.

milk_shake® Moisture Plus ingredients are ethically and naturally sourced and formulated to smooth and protect the hair, with maximum nourishment and protection, restoring your clients’ hair to rich, shiny, youthful luxuriance:

Organic Papaya Extract - Rich in precious nutrients and a great aid in treating the scalp and hair giving the appearance of eternal youth to dry and weak hair, leaving hair looking shinier and healthier.

Hyaluronic Acid - A “super-hydrating” ingredient that balances hydration in the hair. The hyaluronic acid is of low molecular weight, penetrating into the hair fibre more easily, giving greater hydration and softness.

Integrity 41® - Colour gets noticed when the hair is healthy and shiny. Our registered active ingredient Integrity 41® protects hair colour, preventing fading, and increases manageability and shine. *hydroglycolic sunflower seed extract, rich in antioxidant polyphenols.

Quinoa Proteins - Shine comes first. Quinoa is a “super-food” that protects hair colour and prevents colour fading. Hair is easier to manage, with unprecedented shine.

Milk Proteins - Maximum nourishment with a supplementing action, protecting and conditioning the hair, giving strength and resistance to the hair fibre.

UV Filters - UV filters protect the hair from the aggressive action of the sun and other external aggressors that can cause colour fading.

Organic Fruit Extracts - Nature takes care of hair. Organic strawberry and goji extracts have a protective, toning, emollient and conditioning action.


Thorough tests conducted under the supervision of a Doctor specialised in dermatology

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