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Milkshake Announces SOS: Salon Rescue Programme

Free products from Milkshake to salons. Empower salons to offer fabulous incentives to bring clients back.

The COVID_19 Lockdown Regulations over the past 12 months had a tremendous impact on the turnover of our Hair Industry in South Africa. Although restrictions have been lifted, the impact on professional services and retail sales at salons is still experienced and will be for months to come.

Milkshake SA was one of the frontrunners during the 2020 Lockdown period to sell professional retail products on behalf of its supporting salons, generating much needed turnover during the initial stages of Lockdown last year. Being closely involved with our salons, they have indicated to us that their retail sales are drastically down as a result of financial losses which their clientele has experienced during the past 12 months.

In an effort to assist our salons to drive clients and retail sales back to their salons, we are truly delighted to announce and introduce the Milkshake® SALON RESCUE Programme which will run from 15 April 2021 until 30 June 2021. The main purpose and focus of this Programme is to increase salon retail sales and welcome clients back to salons so that clients can experience first-hand that they are safe and IN GOOD HANDS at salons in a safe, professional, Covid-compliant environment.

With the Milkshake® SALON RESCUE Programme, end users will receive FREE PRODUCTS, sponsored by Milkshake SA. The salon will therefore buy three products and receive a FREE Conditioning Whipped Cream 200ml from the various concepts to pass onto their clients. Retail product offerings will be “Buy TWO Milkshake products and receive the Whipped Cream 200ml FREE of charge.” We believe this FREE products to both salon and their clients, to be much needed to successfully invite and drive retail sales back to salons. Both in-salon and e-commerce retail sales by salons are supported by this initiative.

When ordering, salons has the option to choose from the Milkshake® Colour Care, Milkshake® Integrity System, Milkshake® Moisture Plus and Milskhake® Silver Shine product concepts, depending on their historical client retail demand.

Social Media will be the main marketing driver of this retail campaign, with videos, posts and stories, which our salons can use on their social media platforms. Our salons do not have to invest massive amounts of money to market this initiative.

Georg Marnewick of Milkshake SA says, “As owners of the Milkshake brand in South Africa, with this initiative we thank our loyal participating Milkshake salons for their support the past 12 months and we sincerely trust they will make use of the Milkshake® SALON RESCUE Programme to increase their retail sales and place the value added products in the hands of their clients. We also extend a friendly invitation to non-participating Milkshake salons to make use of this Programme in an effort to experience the value and benefits of the Milkshake brand.”

As an extension of the Milkshake® SALON RESCUE Programme, we have specifically designed the Milkshake® STEP 1 – 4 SALON SOS Programme for the Milkshake newcomers with its main aim to assist salons to maximise their profits.

Should you need more details regarding the Milkshake® SALON RESCUE Programme for existing Milkshake salons or Milkshake® STEP 1 – 4 SALON SOS Programme for Milkshake newcomers, please feel free to contact us immediately to capitalise on the financial benefits of these programmes.

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