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Milkshake and The Male Tools & Co – DEPOT’s Original Formulas Expand your Salon Market

What is your Salon’s Market? Let’s Have a look at it and see how DEPOT can boost your services and retail in an expanding market niche.

International Value and Growth Percentage for The Men’s Care Market 2019:

Top 3 Trends:

1. The Evolution of the concept of masculinity

2. Greater self-care

3. Skin Care Ranges 20th April 2020

Growth potential for your retail market - 46% of the world’s male population requires that their skin be “clean” and move toward a natural concept.

Mintel, April 2019

Solution - DEPOT 800 Skin Specifics

  • we decided to create a NEW OPPORTUNITY for the barber and present a NEW CULTURE in the world of traditional barbershops.

  • we increase the salon business thanks to a PROFESSIONAL RITUAL that produces tangible results, just like a haircut or a shave.

  • a NEW SERVICE to be offered to those barber shops of medium / high target, which have always been our point of reference.

The Reality of Male Skin Aging – Male Skin Differs

This topic has been the subject of much research. The skin is slightly thicker in men, and while TEWL tends to be higher for men, individual factors seem to affect skin hydration more. Sebaceous secretion is gender independent or slightly higher in males. The perspiration rate is 30-40% higher in men. The signs of aging may appear later in men, but once the changes are underway, they develop more rapidly.

DEPOT 800 Ingredients Need to Cater to Male Skin Needs

Depot skincare formulas contain a rich range of active ingredients, most of which of natural origin, scientifically chosen and develop. More than 50 functional substances have been chosen, all characterised by proven safety, high quality and excellent skin affinity.

A New Opportunity for the Salon

  • Increase your Salon’s Service Offerings

The salon can offer a new service and increase its routine offer. This value-add to the barber shop services (complete shaving, hair cut) has a price that can be compared to other services.

And the barber will feel fully confident in offering this service to his client, knowing that DEPOT will deliver.

  • Boost your Retail

Unlike other competing brands on the market, we have the opportunity to have the products tested immediately: the customer first tests their effectiveness, and then buys. The opposite doesn’t happen.

Thanks to supporting marketing material, we help the barber to propose products and routines to do at home, thus increasing income.

  • Expand your Market - New Clients

We help you expand into new markets with a business opportunity to create new loyalty in customers. Those who already know us know our quality and what we can offer you as a salon owner with this new skincare marketing offer in the salon.

800 SKIN SPECIFICS gives the possibility to make open new clients or to knock on those doors that haven’t yet accepted our HAIR & GROOMING offers.

  • Build Routine Frequency and Customer Loyalty

The barber builds customer loyalty because it enriches the service menu he can offer.

It further increases routine appointment bookings in the salon to maintain the treatment in the salon, as well as provide self-care. Happy clients are loyal clients!

Your salon can supply each and every need your gents have

Each of the DEPOT 800 Skin Specifics cleanses, detoxifies, smooths, and eliminates impurities, hydrating and treating male skin with respect, brightening and protecting from aging mechanisms.

No.801 Daily Skin Cleanser

No. 802 Exfoliating Skin Cleanser

No. 803 Daily Face Moisturiser

No. 804 Multi-Action Eye Contour

No. 815 All in One Skin Lotion

Skin Specific Ingredients


• cross functional ingredient

• specific action on the versican

• specifically designed for human skin

2-3 specific ingredients with targeted action to enhance the function of each individual product

Extracts and elements of natural origin + innovative ingredients to support and complete the spectrum of activities

Glycerin, a transversal humectant, supports the level of hydration, giving softness and counteracting the feeling of "tight skin".

Speak to your milk_shake rep about taking on this superb in-salon and retail opportunity and expand your market hold on this ever expanding niche. You owe it to your clients.

Every day has a beginning. The goal is to begin each day right.

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