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milk_shake® Wonder: Ammonia Free Conditioning Permanent Colouring Cream for Hair

Have you ever dreamed of finding all the wonder of nature in a hair colour?

Milk_shake® gives your salon the colour service Wonder, the ammonia-free permanent hair colour you were waiting for. The special milk_shake® wonder formula has been developed to achieve a delicate treatment with superlative results. 


have you ever dreamed of being able to supply hair colour that’s...

  • up to 100% grey coverage

  • up to three levels of lift

  • protected scalp and hair

  • a radiant, shiny, 3D result

  • delicate and long-lasting colour


milk_shake® wonder permanent colouring cream

A new philosophy for hair colour that respects scalp and hair. 

  • ammonia free

  • ppd free

  • no added resorcinol

  • sls and sles free

  • paraben free

  • silicone free


The pleasant, delicate, sophisticated and distinctive fragrance can be appreciated during  application. A moment of sweet wellbeing.


milk_shake® wonder - High quality and pure pigments 

Milkshake® Wonder has been formulated with the concept of balanced molar levels which helps to obtain more intense colour tones this avoids unwanted reactions between pigments and the formation of unwanted molecules – and makes the colour long-lasting.


70 shades:

• 59 shades to colour, give grey coverage, lift and tone

• 3 highlifters to lift up to 3-4 levels (according to the hair type)

• 6 special shades to correct and increase colour tones for any shade

• 1 colourless shade to lighten any shade within the colour chart

• colorless shade to desaturate and create lighter and brighter levels

• 14 tonal series for any colour request.


The careful selection of active ingredients enhances the natural beauty of the hair leaving it soft and shiny.


hyper-fermented oat extract

  • calming and soothing effect on the scalp. The hyper-fermentation process increases the antioxidant power of oats and the polyphenol and flavonoid content, creating a complex with a high-level cosmetic action.


amino acid complex

  • exclusive plant-based amino acid complex derived from wheat and soy restores the natural components of keratin to the hair, essential elements for the integrity, strength and resistance of the protein chain to protect it from internal and external stress factors. The nourished hair regains strength, shine, smoothness and softness.


sunflower seed oil 

  • natural emollient extracted from seeds through pressing, recognized for its nourishing and protective action due to its antioxidant vitamin E content. It wraps the hair like a veil, strengthening the cuticle and restoring shine to dry and damaged hair.


goji extract

  • source of precious natural phytonutrients including vitamins, minerals and antioxidant substances with a protective action.


milk_shake® wonder

  • gives up to 100% grey coverage whilst respecting scalp and hair

  • a formula rich in active ingredients that nourishes and conditions hair during colouring, for a shiny and radiant result

  • enhances the hair’s beauty with delicate and long-lasting colour tones without using ammonia, ppd, sls, sles, parabens, silicones and with no added resorcinol.


Hair colour that is filled with science and technology and the strength of purest nature for greater tolerability and a delicate, stress-free colour service for your hair.


Speak to your milk_shake® rep to empower your salon colour services and easily meet the unique needs of each of your clients.


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