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Milk_shake® Volume Solution: Maximum Softness & Volume for Fine Hair

milk_shake® has created a retail product range for impeccable results for your clients: solutions developed to reveal the natural beauty of all hair types, and give hair the volume your clients crave!

At the heart of the range is the search for natural, simple wellbeing that respects the scalp and hair, guaranteeing formidable results, aimed at creating excellence.

The result?

From the first, the hair has astounding volume and body.

Fine hair is flat, at times frizzy, and has a tendency for static electricity.

It’s important to use specific products that:

1. cleanse with a gentle and deep action

2. condition without weighing the hair down

3. give volume to roots and lengths.

milk_shake® volume solution is a range developed to meet the demands of:

  • normal hair that tends to lose volume

  • fine hair that tends to be flat and lose vitality.

milk_shake® volume solution -3 Actions for More Voluminous Hair




volumizing shampoo - volumizing shampoo for all hair types

A paraben/sles free shampoo developed to give volume and body without weighing the hair down. Cleanses gently with its specific formula containing precious sugar derivatives that transform the hair, giving it body.

Use: distribute evenly over damp hair, lather, then rinse. Repeat if necessary. Proceed with volumizing conditioner.

volumizing conditioner - volumizing conditioner for all hair types

Paraben free, with a deep action, it gives softness and body without weighing the hair down. Containing precious sugar derivatives, it transforms and gives volume to all hair types, with a deep reviving action.

Use: distribute evenly over clean, damp hair, leave in for a few minutes and rinse.

volumizing styling spray - volumizing styling spray for hair

Gives structure, giving hair a healthy and vibrant shine. Creates volume with precious sugar derivatives that give support without weighing the hair down. Guarantees long-lasting style that is flexible and light.

Use: spray onto roots and lengths and proceed with the desired style.

milk_shake® volume solution

efficient long-lasting volumizing action

The milk_shake® volume solution formulas have been developed to enhance the beauty of the hair through active ingredients and naturally-sourced ingredients. Nature becomes a precious source of beauty to obtain light, voluminous and shiny hair.


With a calming and hydrating action on the scalp. It restores the scalp’s ecosystem and the healthy growth of microflora, creating the perfect base for light and voluminous hair. The precious properties of these derivatives make hair appear fuller and shinier.


Give strength and resistance to the hair fibre.


A registered complex that has a protective action for hair colour, preventing colour-fading, increasing manageability and shine. Integrity 41®– hydro glycolic sunflower extract, rich in antioxidant polyphenols.


Have a protective action for hair colour and prevent colour-fading. The result is manageable hair and unprecedented shine.


Strengthen and give volume to hair, facilitating styling.


Protect the hair from the aggressive action of sun rays and other external aggressors that cause colour-fading.


Nature is on beauty’s side. The organic strawberry, papaya and goji berry extracts have a protective, toning, emollient and conditioning action.

milk_shake® wants to save our ecosystem.

Our approach to the environment is fundamental in our company strategy, for this reason we carefully choose the composition of our packaging and communication materials.

  • The shampoo and conditioner bottles are made with 50% recycled plastic that contain a special additive that makes the packaging completely biodegradable (in accordance with European Legislation CE 94/62 in reference to Aerobic Biodegradation).

  • The volume solution PETG spray bottle and the tops, nozzle and lids in PP, if collected and recycled, can become new products, favouring the advancement of a dynamic and environmentally conscious society.

  • Every day, conceptTM makes its contribution to respecting the environment. The electricity used by the company is from renewable resources that can be regenerated, and are therefore unlimited.

milk_shake® volume solution - efficient long-lasting volumizing action to satisfy your clients hair needs!

To stock up on your salon’s retail demands, speak to your milk_shake® rep now!

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