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milk_shake®: The Professional Partner that Sets Your Salon Apart

milk_shake® is a professional brand which is suitable and effective for all hair types. It provides the products, tools and training that will make your business unique in the marketplace.

milk_shake® provides the products, tools and training that will make your business unique in the marketplace. Our team of styling consultants, technicians and managers share their knowledge acquired through global fashion research. Fashion collections inspired by the big names in fashion will enrich your exclusive salon image and enhance your unique professional abilities.

We offer a world of products from colour to styling, from hair care to waving and straightening. Our innovative styling and technical training programme will extend your professional development through different learning steps.

Milk_shake products make the most of the benefits of nature, to offer dedicated solutions for all hair types. Natural ingredients such as milk and yoghurt proteins and fruit extracts, enhance the hair’s natural beauty.

Products are created with an awareness of their environmental impact and a solid commitment to minimizing such impact by reducing sulfates, parabens and sodium chloride, and using recyclable packaging.

Each active ingredient is selected for its specific action and lasting effect, for weightless hair with maximum vitality and shine.

The milk_shake® product range includes:

Professional Colour:

For ultimate creativity! milk_shake® colour is formulated with high quality, high purity and high stability dyes. It delivers excellent grey coverage with intense results. Powerful natural ingredients preserve the integrity of the hair, condition, and protect the scalp and skin. Hair is left radiant, soft, shiny and easy to style, with deep, vibrant, long-lasting colour.

Range includes: Direct Colour, Creative Conditioning Permanent Colour, “Smoothies” Conditioning Semi Permanent Colour

Retail Ranges:

Silver Shine - products that work in harmony to neutralize those unwanted warm tones

Icy Blonde - designed to enhance the brightness and luminosity of light blonde shades

Cold Brunette - ensuring brunettes retain the depth, richness, and cool undertones of their hair colour

Make My Day - the ideal routine and energy boost for your hair

Care Range - a product for every need, that clients will love!

Daily - daily treatment for normal or dry hair that needs frequent washing

Natural Care - the natural approach to nourish and nurture hair

Color Care - hydrating and protective treatments for colored hair

Special - special products for specific hair needs

Leave-in Treatments - versatile products for all hair types that are easy to use and give hair moisture and manageability

Integrity System - repairs damaged hair & gives all the necessary elements for healthy, radiant hair

No Frizz - no more frizz, just soft, smooth, shiny hair

Argan - the luxurious nourishment of organic argan oil for hair that needs strength and hydration

Curl Passion - specific products to maintain and define curly hair

Lifestyling - create your style, naturally

Volume Solution - the ideal solution for fine, lifeless hair

Sensorial Mint - your revitalising regime with organic mint

Sweet Camomile - luminosity and vibrant highlights for blonde hair

Energizing Blend - specific treatments for a visible densifying effect

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