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milk_shake®’s Gauteng Technical Educator Reana Viljoen & the Hottest Autumn/Winter Trends

What are the Trendiest Hair Shades for this Autumn & Winter in South Africa?

Milk_shake® Technical Educator for Gauteng and Surrounding areas, Reana Viljoen, gives us the newest Autumn and Winter trends for your clients and how to give them the most amazing results and bring the trendiest hair look of the year to your milk_shake ® salon.


Reana Has been a Hairdresser for the past 19 Years and Educator at Milk_shake South Africa for the past 5 years.

“The most important part of my position is the client’s satisfaction with the service and products. Even if I’m successful at creating an attractive hairstyle, my main priority is how the client feels about it when they look in the mirror. I want them to feel confident and believe that the time and monetary investment they made was worthwhile. Seeing the smiles on their faces when I’m finished is the highlight of my day.”


Inspired Autumn and Winter Hair Shades for 2024


Choosing the right winter hair colour is more than just playing with the latest hair dye trends: it's about understanding all the critical elements that go into selecting just the right shades for your clients.


Match your client’s hair colour to their skin tone in winter: 

  • Know your client’s skin's overtone (surface colour: light, medium, dark) and undertone (subtle hue beneath). 

  • Undertone categories: Cool (pink, blue, purple), Warm (peachy, golden, yellow), Neutral (mix of cool and warm). 


Here are some guidelines for choosing a hair colour in winter: 

  • Pale/Fair Skin: Try lighter tones like blonde with depth and richness. 

  • Medium Skin: warm browns or darker colours for contrast. 

  • Olive Skin: Choose colours that counteract or complement green undertones. 

  • Dark/Deep Skin: Experiment with deeply saturated colours for dimension


Hair type affects how winter hair colours look: 

  • Curly/Wavy: Deep shades like burgundy add dimension, multi-toned colours pop. 

  • Straight: Uniform colours reflect light evenly, subtle highlights blend well. 

  • Thick vs. Thin: Thick enhances dark shades, thin pairs well with delicate shades or makes bold colours stand out. 


Winter light affects hair colour: 

  • Soft, diffused light in winter can mute or highlight hair colours. 

  • Rich shades like deep merlot stand out, while icy blonde or soft rose gold offer a subtle glow. 

  • Choose colours that complement winter lighting.


Trending Winter Hair Colours in 2024 

“Warm Brown Balayage” 

Sun-kissed look with warm summer and cold winter. 

Dark Chocolate brown base with a blended light caramel brown on the ends. 


"Wild West Copper" 

A warm, earthy shade evoking desert sunset. 

Adds boldness and warmth to winter looks, perfect for the adventurous. 


"Light Toffee/Caramel Streaks" 

Transform dull hair with warm, light brown highlights. Adds contrast and lightness for a playful touch to hair. 


"Gentle Caramel Blend" 

Smooth caramel tones flowing through hair like latte swirls. Adds depth, sun-kissed look for natural beauty enhancement. 


"Warm Tone Blend" 

Rich browns, deep golds, warm reds harmoniously blended. Infuses hair with multiple tones, creating vibrant, natural movement. Adds life and glow even in winter. 


"Luxurious Brunette" 

Deep, lustrous brown of luxury. Glossy finish resembling wood or rich chocolate. Offers a high-end look, perfect for making a statement.

The Inside Scoop for the Best Results for your Clients:  

Suggestions for each shade mentioned above:

  • “Warm Brown Balayage” – Creative permanent colour 5.14/5.16 with a blend 8.13 

  • "Wild West Copper" – Creative permanent colour 5.43/5.431 

  • "Light Toffee/Caramel Streaks"- Creative permanent colour 4.41 and highlights toned with 9.86 and 8.13 or smoothies 9.08 and 8.13 

  • "Gentle Caramel Blend" – Creative permanent 3.31/3.0 (depending on the base level they want) blended with Full head highlights – toned with smoothies 9.13 and 9.08 

  • "Warm Tone Blend" – Creative permanent 5.16, Blended with 7.35/7.3/6.5 

  • "Luxurious Brunette" Creative permanent 4.31/3.31 

  • “Beige Blonde” - Smoothies toner 9.08, powder and bit of 9.07 

  • “Honey Blonde” - Smoothies roots smudge 6.13 Smoothies Low lights 7.13 and toner with 10.13 and 10.08 

  • “Golden Blonde” - Smoothies 10.13/10N (optional root smudge with 7.13/7N) 

  • “Strawberry Blonde” – Smoothies powder, peach, and raspberry


Styling Ideas for Winter Hair Colour: 

  • Beach Waves 

  • Curls for Long Hair 

  • Curls for Short Hair 

  • Sleek Straight Hair 


Hair Care Tips for Coloured Hair in Winter: 

  • Use moisturizing shampoos, conditioners, and hydrating masks to fight dryness. 

  • Use lukewarm water instead of hot water to prevent colour fading. 

  • Use a heat protectant. 

  • Protect your hair colour from the sun with a UV-filter hair product. 

  • Use deep conditioning treatments to keep hair soft and colour vibrant. 

  • Use shampoos and conditioners designed for coloured hair to prolong colour life. 

  • Extend the life of your colour by washing less frequently and using dry shampoo on no-wash days. 

  • Maintain hair health and prevent split ends with regular trims.


Hair Care Tips for Coloured Hair in Winter using milk_shake Hair care: 

  • Moisture Plus Shampoo, Conditioner, and whipped cream for dry and dehydrated hair. 

  • Argan Shampoo, Deep treatment and argan oil for dry, frizzy and dehydrated hair. 

  • Colour Care shampoo, Conditioner/mask and Leave-in conditioner for colour protection and hydration. 

  • Make my Day Shampoo, Conditioner, and whipped cream for a balanced moisture balance. 

  • Any of the Leave-in Conditioners for that extra hydration and colour protection. 


The milk_shake SA Advantage for Your Salon


For the best solutions that optimise the naturally healthful vibrant looks for your clients, milk_shake® gives you the range you need to create perfect shades, leaving hair healthy and nourished, with rich, vibrant colour that lasts!


If you have questions or would like to discuss a special colour issue with Reana, contact her on +27 (81) 390-3030


Book your salon now with milk_shake SA to have a fantastically educational and motivational workshop with one of our amazing Educators and share in the newest trends and innovations, honing your creative edge with all they can bring to you and your salon staff!

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