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Milk_shake® Pink Lemonade: Think Pink! - LANDING SOON IN SOUTH AFRICA!


Your clients want amazing hair colour maintenance products and milk_shake® gives you the convenient and cost-effective retail to boost their hair colour.

The perfect new haircare routine if your clients are looking for a change that doesn’t affect their natural hair colour:

The pink lemonade products quickly tone blonde hair with pretty pink tones that last just a few washes, so anyone can dare to go for ultra-pink glamour without committing to it.

The prettiest hair colour trend is here: milk_shake ® pink lemonade the pink hair care routine!

A pink hair care routine that gives hair fabulous temporary pink tones.

milk_shake ® pink lemonade takes care of hair, too:

The unique pink lemonade formulas contain milk proteins and grapefruit extract, two extraordinary ingredients from nature that have a deep action on the hair, giving a pink colour tone without compromising the hair’s beauty and vitality.

Milk proteins: give strength and nourishment and guarantee soft, manageable hair.

Grapefruit extract: with a conditioning and invigorating action, it releases a boost of well-being.

Have your clients got light, very light or platinum blonde hair? Then milk_shake® pink lemonade is perfect for you!

You will fall in love with the new fresh and sweet pink grapefruit fragrance:

pink lemonade shampoo

A gentle shampoo for blonde or lightened hair

Contains pigments that give hair a touch of pink.

Use: apply evenly to damp hair. Lather, then rinse. Repeat if necessary. For best results, leave on for 2 to 5 minutes. Follow with milk_shake® pink lemonade conditioning cream.

pink lemonade conditioner

A conditioning cream for blonde or lightened hair

Formulated with pink pigments, it softens hair while adding pink tones. Colour intensity may vary depending on how long it is left on for and how often it is applied.

Use: after washing hair, apply evenly to damp hair or to select strands to create fashion effects. Leave on for 5 to 20 minutes depending on the desired intensity, then rinse thoroughly.

Let your Salon Join the BARBIECORE Trend! Check in with your milk_shake® rep now and give your clients the colour they crave!

Speak to your milk_shake® rep about stocking such a divine sensory experience and treat your clients to all the sheer health and wellbeing you can offer them.

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