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milk_shake® lifestyling AMAZING: Make the Dangers of Humidity a Distant Memory for Hair

Is humidity the number one enemy of your clients' perfect hairstyle?


Add milk_shake® lifestyling amazing anti-humidity protective styling spray for hair to your salon’s in-salon and at-home hair care regime for your clients. This summer, give your clients the joy of silky smooth, manageable, non-frizzy hair that shines with a mirror-like gloss, regardless of natural finish or colour-treatments!

On humid or rainy days, hair can get a lot frizzier and your clients less than happy.

The more porous, damaged or weak the hair is, especially if caused by aggressive chemicals, the frizzier the hair will seem, because the keratin in the hair is often weakened and therefore contains empty spaces within its structure that hold on to water much more than in healthy hair.

A new humidity-proof technology for untreated or colour-treated hair.

  • doesn’t weight the hair down, leaving the hair looking healthy and conditioned without any residue for a result that looks simply… amazing!

  • fragrance-free

  • hair is silky for days!

Its state-of-the-art polymers are heat-activated and give structure with heat, creating a waterproof film that covers the hair completely, sealing the cuticle.

The result? Absolutely amazing

  • eliminates frizz for a long-lasting result

  • protects from humidity with a waterproof effect

  • maintains hairstyles for longer

  • reduces drying time

  • protects from heat

  • gives a shiny and radiant finish

  • protects from colour-fading

  • doesn’t weigh hair down

  • doesn’t leave residue

  • makes hair silky, soft and conditioned

  • increases manageability in hair

Its formula, enriched with fruit extracts, gives a shiny, glossy finish with a mirror-like effect.

Instructions for use

  • apply to clean, damp hair divided into sections to ensure an even application of the product

  • comb through lengths to distribute evenly

  • proceed with styling

  • for best results, do not apply other styling products before milk_shake® lifestyling amazing

  • the anti-frizz and anti-humidity effect can last up to 2 or more washes.

Enhance the natural beauty of hair with naturally-sourced ingredients.

The active ingredients within milk_shake® lifestyling products are carefully selected for their conditioning and shaping properties capable of creating weightless, healthy styles. milk_shake® lifestyling amazing is enriched with organic apple, lemon and blueberry extracts that are protective, toning, emollient and conditioning.

eco-friendly packaging

The milk_shake® lifestyling amazing bottle is made with 50% recycled plastic

Make frizziness a distant memory for your clients!

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