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milk_shake®: Incredible Oil - The Intensive Leave-In Treatment

Hair is beautiful when it’s soft, shiny and healthy. Damaged and weak hair looks dull and lifeless, becoming difficult to manage and making styling difficult.

MILK_SHAKE® INCREDIBLE OIL – Intensive Leave-In Treatment for Spectacular In-Salon Results & Retail Salon Sales Boost

milk_shake® incredible oil is an intensive leave-in treatment formulated to contrast and prevent split ends and protect the hair from the heat of blow-drying, irons and wands, as well as other stress factors that weaken the hair. It gives nourishment, strength, softness and detangles the hair.

The Latest Addition to Milk_shake®’s Incredible Integrity System

milk_shake® incredible oil is the latest addition to the integrity system range and is a specific product to restructure the hair and preserve the radiance of hair color.

milk_shake® integrity system is ideal for any stressed or chemically treated hair and gives new youth to the hair, giving shine, softness and vigour.


milk_shake® incredible oil has 12 incredible beneficial effects on the hair:

  1. Protects hair from the heat of blow-drying and irons

  2. Contributes to the reparation process of damaged hair and split ends

  3. Smooths and seals the cuticle

  4. Strengthens and gives consistency to the hair fibre

  5. Helps to prevent split ends and breakage

  6. Nourishes the hair, leaving it soft and silky

  7. Detangles and prevents tangles

  8. Gives shine and enhances the hair’s radiance

  9. Tames frizz

  10. Enhances color

  11. Improves manageability during styling

  12. Doesn’t weigh the hair down and is ideal for all hair types.


milk_shake® incredible oil contains an exclusive mix of highly-efficient and luxury active ingredients that have been selected for their triple action on damaged hair and split ends: repair, protect and prevent damage.

Organic muru muru butter:

A soothing organic plant renowned for its nourishing and restructuring action on dry and damaged hair. With its restorative and film-forming properties, it helps to protect the cuticle from excess heat and environmental pollutants, as well as friction from brushing and combing - the main cause of split ends.

Shea butter esters:

Nature combines with innovation to give shine and vitality to hair with this special, sustainable and biodegradable liquid butter. It has a high-quality film-forming action for hair as well as being soothing and protective. Leaves hair shiny, soft and extremely manageable.

Organic argan oil:

Obtained from cold pressing to preserve its cosmetic virtues: it nourishes, regenerates, softens and tames frizz, without weighing the hair down. It repairs and strengthens the detangling effect, as well and preventing split ends.

High-tech polymer:

A technologically advanced and efficient ingredient that has been selected for its heat-protection action and the manageability it gives to the styling process. It contributes to preserving the hair’s integrity during blow-drying or styling with wands or irons, and helps to give manageability, compactness and definition to the final result. It envelops the hair fibres, smoothing the cuticle, helping to seal split ends and preventing further damage and breakage.


By applying milk_shake® incredible oil to clean, damp hair before the styling process, the hair is strengthened, giving a deep restructuring effect to the hair shaft and ends, increasing softness and shine. milk_shake® incredible oil nourishes deeply and accentuates hair color, for healthy, dense hair.

milk_shake® incredible oil can be sprayed onto dry hair for a high gloss effect.

Add milk_shake®’s incredible oil to your salon’s service offerings for that final spectacular sheen and luxuriant results that you can send home with your clients for the same stunning impact in their at-home care regime!

Speak to your milk_shake® rep about stocking incredible oil for your salon use and retail stock.

Available now from your favourite milk_shake® rep!

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