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MHB Father’s Day Deals: for Bearded Legends, Pompadour Princes, and Clean-Shaven Kings

Dads come in all shapes, sizes, and grooming habits. Some rock majestic beards that would make a Viking weep, others sport pompadours to rival Elvis, and some prefer a simple, clean-shaven look. No matter what dad-style your client prefers, MHB has a perfect grooming deal to make him look as legendary as he feels.

To order Father’s Day deals for your barbershop or salon call MHB Telesales on 0860 104 109 or contact your MHB sales representative.



An all-in-one grooming kit with the coolest products that deliver exceptional care. The Groombox includes RR Fine Fragrance to keep dad smelling as good as he looks, Daily Shampoo to keep hair clean and healthy, and Clay Matte Pomade for adding all-day texture and hold to any beard or hairstyle. Fun extras: Bottle opener keychain, shot glass, and koozie.

Reuzel Deal Alert

Value: R1190,00

Deal RSP: R699,00

Saving: R491,00

Your client saves a whopping 41%.


A sharp and stylish bundle for dads who prefer no-fuss grooming. SEBMAN The Boss Thickening Shampoo is designed to add volume and strength while The Sculptor Matte Clay provides the perfect hold for hair that stays immaculate all day long. For dads on the go, The Joker Texturizing Dry Shampoo offers a perfect quick refresh and added texture for those busy days when washing isn't an option.


SEBMAN Deal Alert

Buy SEBMAN The Boss Thickening Shampoo and The Sculptor Matte Clay

Your Client Gets a Massive 50% Off The Joker Texturizing Dry Shampoo

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