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Mentor with Hair Coach - Empower your Career as a Stylist & Salon Owner

If you are a salon, requiring training or team motivation, or an individual who would like to update their skills, then the Hair Coach is for you! Enjoy real-time, hands-on learning and strategy sessions with salon-owners and entrepreneurs with years of successful industry experience.

  • We coach and mentor anyone in the business of HAIR, to help you be, where you want to be.

  • Whether you’re starting out as an apprentice, or if you have owned your Hair salon for years and need to grow, we help you be there

  • We have years of experience and have passion for growth, our industry and the people serving in it, with more than 25 years of industry experience each!

  • We have worked for independent salons, global leaders and trained Hairby’s at all levels.

  • We own successful salons and provide hours of on-the-job coaching; now we would like to share our expertise and experiences with you, with coaching courses and interactive workshops, large and small!

Our aim is to anchor mindsets, skills and techniques that transfer easily into everyday salon life.

Cape Town Training Day

Feb 27th – L’Oreal Tech Centre, Tygervalley, Oakdale

9am to 4pm with lunch, tea & snacks

Johannesburg 2-Day Training Event

Mar 5th & 6th - 109 Langerman Drive, Kensington , Johannesburg

9am to 4pm with lunch, tea & snacks

A New & Unique Way to Learn

Are you a salon requiring training or team motivation, or an individual who would like to update their skills, then the Hair Coach is for you!

Prepare to be inspired with looks inspired by street style, music and life. Trust us when we say you don’t want to miss out on this one. See you there!

We offer tailored training, at your place of work and we offer Coaching Sessions at our Venue in Blouberg, delivered by highly skilled professionals, providing practical solutions to your individual training needs.

Hair Coach SA gives you practical tips and skills to keep you one step ahead and help release your full potential.

Exciting Courses for you to Stretch & Embrace your Creativity in a Successful Business Model

To Book – see Below or Click HERE

  • Tick The Boxes What You Are Interested In.

  • Whatsapp Maritza A Screenshot of It on 083 260 0699.

  • If You Need More Info, Don’t Hesitate To Contact Maritza.

  • We Will Then Confirm the Dates You Need.

Take a Look at Our Courses!

Cutting Hair Using Classic & Creative Techniques

  • Classic Cutting Techniques are the foundation of all our advanced work. Master these and the possibilities are endless!

  • Creative Cutting Techniques will push the boundaries of your skills and further your knowledge and creativity.

  • Salon experience is required for this course.

Colouring Hair Using Classic & Creative Techniques:

  • Classic and Creative Colouring is an art form in itself. Colour will add a new dimension to any haircut whether it be by naturally shading the hair, highlighting it, adding a pop of colour or creating a completely new look. This technique-based course will give you the confidence to expand your skills and creativity.

  • A knowledge of colour theory is required.


  • Hairdresser, staying on top of the latest colour, cut and style trends can be a full time job in and of itself. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This session will bring you up to speed on the latest techniques.

  • And, because trends are ever-changing the hair world, you’re guaranteed to learn something new!

Lightening Hair:

  • If you’re looking to really elevate your colour expertise and boost your business, look no further than Balayage Class. Balayage is ALWAYS in high demand and there’s never been a better time to fine-tune those creative colouring skills. Join us in this session to learn the rules of highlighting and the finesse and craft of Balayage.

Hair Colour:

  • Correcting Colour 1 - Where we start

  • Correcting Colour 2 - ER

  • Correcting Colour 3 - ICU

Bring your business to the next level and take the fear out of haircolouring with these interactive and in depth haircolour sessions.

Hands-on workshops on the colour wheel, formulation, level systems, hair composition, placement, application and the different categories of haircolour will leave you feeling confident and empowered to take on any client that sits in your chair. Whether you’re fresh out of school or a seasoned pro who’s looking for an easy way to level-up on competition, look no further—we’re saving a spot for you!

Texture and Repair Services

Styling Hair

Upstyling Hair

Treating Hair & Enhancing Hair Texture

  • tools to help your guest have AMAZING hair every day! Blow drying and styling will naturally complement and complete any look.

Hair Cutting:

Cutting Hair 1 - Where we start

Cutting Hair 2 - 2 of 8 (two cuts per day)

Cutting Hair 3 - 4 of 8

Cutting Hair 4 - 6 of 8

Cutting Hair 5 - 8 of 8

Cutting Hair - Gents

  • In a world full of inspo pics, do you ever find yourself wondering how to achieve that specific cut your client brought in to show you? If so, this class is for you.

  • In Cut & Know Why, you’ll learn the principles of design and understand how to create shapes. You’ll become empowered to analyze, understand and recreate haircuts with the principle of point, line and angle.

  • Better yet, you’ll master the three types of movement: Elevation, Over Direction and Finger Angles—the foundation for any good haircut. Let’s get cutting!

Rockstar Apprentice & Operator

Reception Experience

Backbar Experience

  • Training an apprentice is not just about teaching them the skills and techniques that will make them great technical hairdressers, it's about personal development, helping to shape them as people so that they are ready to work in a professional environment.

  • Recruit and develop a highly-skilled workforce that helps grow their business also improves Salon productivity and profitability.

Salon Culture

Salon Procedures

Grow your Business - in the Business

Master Consultation

Rocking Retail

So, what does culture mean?

  • A great salon culture means having healthy, thriving relationships. You want your employees to trust each other and feel confident that the team will be there for them on both personal and professional matters.

  • Consultation is the most important part of the appointment. A good consultation is what allows a Stylist to be able to deliver the desired outcome. It also helps to set up expectations, your guest will know exactly what to expect during appointment.

Growing your Business isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. We see it as forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self, and a better business. The journey doesn’t end, it just keeps growing!

Develop and Empower your Business and your Talent Together!

Contact Maritza on 083 260 0699 to book your experience!

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