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Mental Health - Stylists as Empaths

Stylists don’t just cut hair – they are confidants, friends, and make-shift therapists for their clients. Their empathetic nature can be incredibly rewarding but also has the potential to create challenges for their own well-being.

Stylists may find themselves not only sharing in their clients’ joys but also shouldering their sorrows and burdens and sometimes carrying those emotions home with them.


Trauma dumping, when someone unloads their emotional baggage onto someone else, is something that stylists are on the receiving end of all too often.

Having to deal with your own feelings can be overwhelming enough – taking on the emotional burdens of others on top of your own without taking time to recharge can lead to mental health challenges, including burnout, compassion fatigue, and increased stress



Here are some of the common signs of burnout and compassion fatigue.

  • Feeling drained, depleted, and emotionally overwhelmed by the demands of the job.

  • Feeling emotionally detached or cynical about being in the salon.

  • Declining performance, productivity, and satisfaction with one’s work often causing frustration.

Compassion fatigue, on the other hand, occurs when the emotional toll of empathizing with others becomes overwhelming, leading to a decrease in one’s ability to feel empathy and compassion.


  • Feeling emotionally drained.

  • Becoming more emotionally distant or numb in client interactions.

  • Increased irritability or frustration in response to client demands or challenges in the salon.

While everyone has a bad day or week, from time to time, ignoring the signs of burnout and compassion fatigue may lead to increased stress and mental health challenges.

The above article was first published by sexyhair. 

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