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London Wellness Academy - Interview with a Cruise Ship Hairdresser: My Experience Working Onboard

London Wellness Academy is the leading training institute for spas and wellness. They recruit hairstylists and spa professionals to work for the most prominent cruise lines, that sail to sought-after destinations all around the world.

Let 2022 be your year of change and adventure. A contract on board ship can enhance your CV, give you sought-after skills that will provide incredible value in your career, broaden your horizons and job opportunities. It’s the most amazing way to see the world and experience destinations you’ve only dreamed of visiting – and getting paid for it in dollars, with all your living expenses, food, and accommodation covered.

A former cruise ship hairstylist shares what it was like working at sea, and how the experience has supercharged their career

Rene Ferreira has been in the industry for over 15 years and is now proud to partner and work with Veaudry Icon Salon and Veaudry Global.

Tell us about your background and how you applied to work on board - what inspired you to take the step?

I grew up in Australia from the age of 10 which means I travelled from a young age. I decided to study hairdressing because I love being creative. During my studies one of my friends went on board as a personal trainer and she could not stop talking about her journey. I immediately decided to get more information about this as a hair stylist. I mean, who does not want to travel and get paid doing what you love all at the same time. I applied via Steiner International for my first few contracts and then moved to On Board Spa.

What was the training for on board work like?

The training was very strict and professional. You had to look and act the part the whole time. I did a house share with other friends whom I trained with and this helped prepare me for close-quarter living. The training was a full day every day, from 8am to 5pm,and involved a barbering course, hair training and product training.

What ship were you placed on and where did it sail?

I was lucky to be on a few ships. I started with Celebrity ruise liner, then Princess cruise liner and lastly P&O cruise liner. I travelled literally all over the world as my very first ship was a world cruise!

How many contracts did you complete on board? Were they all enjoyable?

I have enjoyed 4 contracts on the ships. I believe that everything is as enjoyable as you want it to be. There were high moments and some low moments, but we always stuck together as a family and supported one another. Going to bed overlooking one island and then waking up to a brand new island next morning definitely kept my heart content.

What were the biggest perks?

There are so many perks: working with ever-changing views, meeting the most amazing people and creating memories that you will treasure for ever, and of course, making money!

What were the biggest challenges working on board?

The biggest challenge was that you don’t really have personal space: you share a cabin with other crew members, and if you’re not in the cabin, you’re either among other crew members or mingling and interacting with passengers daily.

I also missed my family, but I made a point of them to call them once a week and share on Facebook where I was and what I did. (There was no Instagram back then.) This did make me feel connected to them.

What would you say working on board taught you?

Working on board taught me to work as a team, to work hard and get rewarded for it. This has helped me so much - not only as a person but also in my business today.

One of the most important has been definitely to savour life moments!

Are you keen for the adventure of a lifetime, while earning an excellent income and working in the career you love? Get in touch for your confidential interview by signing up on


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