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Local Inspiration from Shafia Cassiem Haffejee at Veaudry Icon Salon

Brilliant work from Shafia Cassiem Haffejee on her client Ruby Hewwet, who has a level 5 natural hair colour, and whose hair was actually below her shoulders, and decided to change things up a bit by stepping into 2023 with beautiful blonde hair. What an end result!

Click the image below to see the Instagram post.

Shafia says "It's vital to always keep up with the trends from all categories of hair,and then put your personal touch on your work. I believe you are unique and your signature, skill and passion should automatically shout out your name.

I will leave you with this thought....

When you work with your hands, you are a labourer.

When you work with your hands & mind, you are a craftsman.

When you work with your hands, mind & heart, you are an artist."

Hair Colour

muk Hybrid Hair Colour

Decolorized hair with muk Hybrid Lightener AND 20%. This Bleach could be used for even lightning, natural or pre colored hair.

I used a 8/1 & 8/0 equal parts for a few slices of Dimension Colour.

muk Toner

8/1 ,20ml +8/0 5ml and 8/3 2ml

muk Hybrid Lotion 2 Parts

1 part muk Converter for 20 Mins.

Rinsed with muk Colour Vivid Shapoo, to stabilize and cement colour and then went in with Intense muk Repair Treatment for 10mins.


Sprayed Hot muk Thermal Protector and 1 pump muk Argon Treatment Oil.

Hair: Shafia Cassiem Haffejee

Products: muk Haircare

Salon: Veaudry Icon Salon, Lonehill, JHB

Follow Shafia on Instagram @shafiahaffejee_hairstylist

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