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Local Inspiration from Betsy Giani-Pieterse at Tint Color Lab

Be awestruck with this gorgeous blonde look from Betsy at Tint Color Lab in Lynwood Ridge, Pretoria.

Click the image below to see the Instagram post.


To create this beautiful even lift with Anya I 1st use Malibu C Blonde prepare. For 5min.

Wash and dry the hair and start an on scalp Root application using Matrix Lightmaster with Bonder Inside with 20vol.

Processing time 55min.

Pretoned: Matrix Colorsync SPP

15MIN only on root 10vol

Global Tone: Matrix Colorsync 10PG 25min and 10vol

Hair: Betsy Giani-Pieterse

Salon: Tint Color Lab, Lynwood Ridge, Pretoria.

Follow Betsy on Instagram @tint_color_lab

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