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KEVIN.MURPHY: Introducing COLOR.ME GLOSS: Color with Strength & Shine

Introducing COLOR.ME GLOSS, the newest range in the COLOR.ME line-up uniquely designed as a colour and treatment in one.

Luminous, demi-permanent colour goes beyond shine to reconstruct and deeply moisturise the hair for incredible strength that increases every time you colour. A modern selection of SHADE options and a variety of application techniques allow for a completely customisable hair experience.


COLOR.ME GLOSS acidic hair colour treatment is available in a range of sheer, soft SHADES for endless creativity and natural looking results.


KM.BOND2 - Our advanced plant protein complex works to strengthen the hair from within.

  • 37% thicker

  • 25% stronger

  • Healthier hair in one single application.

  • Hair strength continues to build over time with every service.

VITAMIN C - This natural antioxidant helps protect and maintain colour purity.


COLOR.ME GLOSS is a vegan formula with no animal derived ingredients, no animal by-products, nor processing aids. Ammonia, PPD and MEA free. We choose to be kind to the hair while also remaining kind to the environment. The formula is biodegradable, bottled in recycled plastic and produced with an innovative energy savings manufacturing process using 100% renewable energy.

For more information

Contact Andrew Young

Tel: 011 305 1600


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