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Join EOHCB and Benefit from Business Advice

There are so many benefits to being part of the EOHCB – including advice and support in so many different aspects of your business. Any salon who employs staff, or else rents out chairs, or a one-person business owner who is renting a chair and running your own show, can benefit. Compiling correct contracts can save you so much money, conflict and heartache down the line.

EOHCB members also receive a weekly Monday Business mailer which contains short-format business advice. This is one of the biggest factors that many hair salon owners struggle with as the industry is creative, rather than business minded. Business advice is essential, and reading the tips regularly can help you to manage and run your business better, and avoid the pitfalls that inexperienced salon owners may encounter.

Let the EOHCB help you, and your business, succeed in a correct and compliant way!

Contact your agent today to find out about the affordable rate, that adds huge value to your business.

For more information, or support and assistance for your business, please contact your local EOHCB office or representative – you can find your local agent or office HERE.


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