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From Balayage To Illuminage: 2021

By Elizma Crouse National Education Manager Modern Hair & Beauty

Elizma has a huge passion for training and development and her love for paperwork is endless. She is very enthusiastic person who loves to work with people, to inspire and motivate them.

Living a healthy lifestyle is very important to her but she believes that everything in life needs good balance. Life is short, eat the cake…

2021 is the year that Wella Professionals will showcase the broad ways in which you can lighten and tone clients' hair. Our portfolio of products is designed to support you at every step.

The popularity of balayage and blonding services continues to grow and inspires this season's movement: from balayage to Illuminage.

With lightening and toning services at the core, the diverse colour palette that Wella Professional offers features an array of light and natural shades. These ensure that you are fully equipped with the inspiration and knowledge needed to achieve the most beautiful looks which graduate from high contrast to soft harmony.


"Already in 1987, women are more likely to dye, tint, or streak their hair blonde than any other color" - A. Synnott.

In 2000, a study showed that blonde models were consistently rated younger and healthier looking than brunettes and darker haired people. (Matz & Hinsz)

Today, the trend is still growing.


In 2018*, 'blonde' was the most searched term relating to hair colour, followed by 'balayage'.

And in 2021, it's not just about being blonde; people prefer to have highlights that show the natural, or darker hair colour at the root making the result look more natural.

Looks are multi-tonal, revealing highs and lows within the colour result. This can be achieved through multiple highlighting techniques, the most popular one being balayage.

This year's desired blonde is balayage

• It's multi-tonal and natural-looking

• It's easier to maintain

• It allows a client to stay 'true to their roots'

• It can be adapted from subtle lightening to a dramatic blonde transformation

The colour palette of the season focuses on subtle pale shades complimented by natural deeper tones, to allow stylists to explore the opportunities in multi-dimensional colour results, much like Illuminage.

From bright blondes and peachy tones to darker brunettes and fun silvers, the colour palette offers a wide range of colours for the stylists to play with and combine to achieve looks inspired by this season's colour movement.

Balayage has become such a widely used term that it's difficult to clearly define the 'final look'. From exploring the space, Wella Professionals is distinguishing the results by introducing two additional services to complement the classic 'balayage':


A graduation from light to dark with a seamless blend. Balayage creates a full-head, lighter feel with a shadowed root. Suited to clients who seek a sun-kissed look or overall lightness.


An elegant and expressive way to detail and accentuate areas within the hair, giving clients soft transitions, luminosity, and multi-tonal reflections with an ultra-natural sheer result from cool blonde to sublime brunette or gentle reds.

Brazilian Illuminage

Perfect for those who seek clarity and brightness. The accentuated contrast of this looks both frames the face and lengths of the hair with light while giving a seamless transition from a more natural root. A shadowed root with threads of brightness melted into enhanced lightness on the ends.

Benefits of the stocking the additional palettes and learning the latest techniques

Salon benefits

• Become the expert of blondes

• Increase spent per client

• Get easy access to education for your staff on the latest trends

Client benefits

• Get the blonde look of their dreams without damaging their hair

• Benefit from nice sell-out activities

Reach out to your Sales Consultant to get the latest educational offers. From in-studio, to in-salon, Hotline assistance, Virtual Online seminars, we've got you covered. Or feel free to email me:

About Modern Hair & Beauty Education

We're inspired when we witness stylists sharing ideas, skills, and a commitment to their craft, even more so when these moments of collaboration produce renewed creativity and excitement! It's precisely why our Modern Hair & Beauty Education team facilitates an environment where this is possible. They inspire, challenge, and encourage stylists to try new techniques, bring their creativity to the training room, and give clients more than the standard salon offering. Our team ensures that stylists are up to date with new trends, know the latest colouring and cutting techniques and have expert technical knowledge of our products. We are passionately empowering our stylists and believe the key to sustainable career and salon success is education.



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