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JOICO introduces Lumishine Lumi10 - 10 Minute | 100% Gray Coverage Permanent Crème Color

The dreaded grays are a challenge for every client and stylist – successful coverage and time are the question!

JOICO introduces the solution. Time is money—make every minute count with new Lumi10™.

In just 10 minutes:

100% gray coverage

Concentrated pigments that deliver immediate deposit

Long-lasting color

Supercharged conditioning polymers nourish and protect color-treated hair for up to 30 shampoos*

Strengthens the hair and reduces breakage

Leaves hair soft and luminous

All the Lumishine benefits, including up to 2x the shine.**

Lumi10 is the service you need for your clients’ busy schedules – it can even be done on a lunchbreak! Fit more clients into your busy schedule, increase your client turnover and increase your revenue so simply and easily. Last-minute walk-in? No problem. Lumi10 is here to help you and your clients reach your full-coverage poTENtial.

This professional permanent haircolor is formulated with our Quick Coverage System™ to deliver 100% gray coverage and many more services in just 10 minutes while also achieving up to 2X the shine.* Now you can make time for more clients while still expecting the same predictable results from the LumiShine® collection.

*vs. untreated damaged hair

Ideal When

You want to fit more clients into your daily schedule

You and your client want to minimize person-to-person contact from time spent in the chair

You want the results of a traditional root touch-up in a speedy service

You’re looking for a fast color option so you can still accommodate those late-arriving clients,

unexpected walk-ins or clients asking for add-on services on a cut or blow dry appointment.

Lumi10 can, among others, be used for the following services:

Gray coverage

Root stretches

Shadow roots - add depth or create a shadow root for low maintenance looks

Lighten and brighten - Express retouch for clients who have permanent color retouches up to 2 levels of lift in just 10 minutes

Color change on short hair (up to 2 levels of lift)

Men - modern quick gray coverage service for men

Color refresh for time-restrained clients

Clients arriving late for their appointment

Walk-in clients

Quick regrowth micro touch ups at the hairline in between color appointments

Add on service for cutting or blowdry appointments

*When followed with K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner at home

**vs. untreated damaged hair

***Combing breakage on damaged hair with K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner

vs. non-conditioning shampoo


Speed and complete coverage go hand in hand with dynamic ingredients that work together to promote shine, condition, and reduce breakage*** on even the most fragile strands – all in a 10-minute processing time.

Quick Coverage System™

Concentrated dye molecules found in Lumi10 Permanent Crème Color are calibrated to deliver 100% coverage in just 10 minutes when activated by the Lumi10 Accelerator.

Dedicated Lumi10 ACCELERATOR™

The Lumi10 Accelerator is a 22 Volume developer; it is pumped up with an extra .6% of peroxide (compared to traditional 20 Volume Developers). The result? When used with Lumi10 Permanent Crème Color, it delivers super-fast and complete coverage in just 10 minutes.

ARGIPLEX TECHNOLOGY: fuses the power of three proven, advanced complexes to repair hair damage and lock in exceptional color longevity, vibrancy and shine.

BOND-BUILDING ARGININE: unlike traditional haircolor, which depletes this vital amino acid from hair, LumiShine replenishes Arginine 100%. The result: hair is instantly restrengthened and breakage is reduced.*

SUPERCHARGED CONDITIONER: this conditioning shield surrounds the hair shaft to nourish and protect color-treated hair. Lumi10 is formulated with a higher concentration of our signature conditioner to nourish and protect for up to 30 shampoos**, sealing in moisture, softness and unprecedented shine***.

QUADRAMINE COMPLEX®: our exclusive blend of low molecular weight and size proteins (MWS 150-2500), that you can find in ALL our joicolor products, adhere quickly and effectively to ensure maximum protection and reconstruction from the cuticle to the cortex, guaranteeing healthier-looking hair after each color service.

*Combing breakage on damaged hair with K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner vs. non-conditioning shampoo

**When followed with K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner at home ***vs. untreated damaged hair

Please contact Ulrica on 011 305 1600


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