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Bio-Kinetic ASH is the New Purple for Your Blonde Clients

Are your retail products delivering results like these?

These retail products deliver toning results like nothing you have seen before.

Create a Platinum Blond, Silver/Grey or Grey colour quick and easy.

Truly the ULTIMATE in BLOND maintenance products. By now you might have heard of the black shampoo and conditioner taking the market by storm and the amazing toning ability of these products Bio-Kinetic created in 2016.

Boosting Retail Sales in your salon! For the past 5 years these 3 ash products have been at the forefront of giving thousands of blond clients a new look. They are still the top retail sellers for almost all salons who stock them, as they give a new outlook on blond maintenance and toning.

When are these products recommended as retail? Your clients going Blond after having dark hair for a while, yellow and orange pigment can be a nuisance. Clients looking for a Silver/Grey/Ash blond, without the purple! A Client naturally has a warm undertone they do not want.

Here is how to give your clients the look they want! Bio-Kinetic’s BLACK Pigment technology makes our Ash Range the ultimate when it comes to a balanced toning effect, without the purple look. Simply wash, condition and spray your way to an AMAZING BLOND!

The craze for silver blonde hair is as alive as ever and growing!

Go Ash Cleanse is a toning shampoo formulated with BLACK pigment technology to compliment the Bio-Kinetic Ultimate Ash conditioner and Eezi Ash Spray in creating the ultimate ash effect. Go Ash is highly effective in reducing unwanted gold/copper undertones in the hair and will give a neutral silver look on lighter shades of blond. This cleanser has a moisturizing, salt-free, pH correcting formula that will minimise colour fading and leave the hair more manageable and well-toned.

Ultimate Ash Conditioner is a toning conditioner BLACK pigment technology. It has remarkable toning ability, supressing unwanted yellow and orange undertones in the hair. The product will leave the hair feeling softer and more manageable. This product has a pH correcting formula to help reduce colour stripping. Used on light shades of hair colour, it easily creates and maintains a silver-grey, platinum, or grey hair colour. Use in conjunction with Go Ash Cleanse and Eezi Ash spray for an even greater effect.

Eezi Ash is a spray-on, leave-in, detangling conditioner with BLACK pigment technology. Its fantastic toning ability allows the user to easily tone the more problematic areas of the hair. Simply spray the product where you need it most, i.e., orange/yellow root area or ends. This product will leave the hair feeling softer and more manageable. it will also help reduce the porosity of the hair, leaving the hair feeling silkier. Unwanted yellow or orange undertones are no match for Eezi Ash, as they are disguised with only a few sprays.

“Dare to be Different” and give these a try, YOU and YOUR clients will love the look! 082 410 2205 012 661 8738


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